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Suggestion to the set item skill can't even use in now.

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    Suggestion to the set item skill can't even use in now.

    This is all my opinion ,hope you can take it.

    Warriors juggernaut set total remake it,now is crab.

    2 set ~Shockwave and Whirlwind deal 200% more dmg.

    4set ~devastate critical damage deal bleed damage to target.

    6set ~Frenzy each attack increases 10 power , 5 haste ,5 critical rating in 3 minutes ,stack infinity.

    Warlord 6 set skill ~Target 95%maximum life deal 100% more dmg, below 75%life deal more 200% dmg ,below 55%life deal 300 %more dmg ,below 35 %deal 400%more dmg.

    Mage apprentice set remake.

    2set ~Fireball to target affected immolate 100%cast meteor,Increase fireball meteor dmg 200%and area 200%.

    4set ~Death From Above each missile Increase 1% fire dmg to affected target in 3 minutes ,stack infinity.

    6set ~Each time cast a ability will 100%autocast a immolate, 50%autocast immolate twice and 25% autocast immolate third.

    apprentice Robe ~immolate burning dmg can stack it
    apprentice Armguards ~all burning dmg increase duration 3 sec
    Apprentice Pads ~fire spell reduced cooldown time 3 sec.

    Acanist set

    2set ~Double the Deflect rating and success deflect a attack, heal 9%of maximum life.

    4 set ~Cast Time Warp,Singularity,Blink or Paradox will reduce all you active cooldowns by 2 sec.

    6set ~same now.

    Acanist Pads ~Arcane Bolts deal 200%more dmg
    Acanist Robe ~Deal 100%more damage to primary target.
    Acanist Armguards ~Arcane Bolts damage all enemies in a small area.

    Assault set remake.

    2 set ~Rapid Fire ability damage increase 200%and reduce half cooldown time.

    4 set ~Scatter Shot 20% Chance will knot out enemy (no use on boss)

    6 set ~The attack will get a chance to Increase 3000power and 3000 haste rating .It can happen about 3 times per minute.

    Assault Pads ~Scatter Shot Fires 8 additional projectiles.
    Assault Boots ~Movement speed increase 50%.

    Stalker 4set ~increases duration of poison and bleeding 2sec.