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    Ideas on improving shield warrior

    Decided to make a different topic to place here all my thoughts on improving shield warrior, because there will be really much text(plz don't hate me ).

    1. As I said before, SW needs deadly throw autocast. The point is u cast shield block(duration 5 seconds), first block(or DT cast) u get for example, at 1.0 second of shield block buff duration(but ideally u want at 0.1 second), then there is cooldown 1 second(with 6 pieces Def set), second block(DT cast) needs to be at 2.0 ideally, but on practice u have your second cast much later, for example 2.5, which means all next (3rd, 4th and 5th)DT casts are later by 0.5 second, and that means third cast will be possible only on 3.5 second, and as on practice again, third cast can be done much later, on 4.1 second. In that case u loose 2 DT casts, since buff is over, next (4th) cast would be possible only on 5.1 second, but buff is over.
    Yes, I can use two or three shield block buffs in a row, but that doesn't mean that the boss will hit me right each second so maximum DTs could be casted. And dont forget that all bosses (except Kara) very often casts skills, they don't hit warrior, so there is a big loss too.
    I suggest to make autocast, when you use shield block, first cast at 0.1 second, 2nd at 1.1, 3rd at 2.1, 4th at 3.1 and 5th at 4.1.
    Also another idea came to me, to make autocast for each SB buff - to use 3 SB in a row, timing with Tos and Slayer, autocast happens for each SB buff, which means 3 deadly throws each second, or 15 DTs in 5 second. In this case SW will have a really strong burst, making singletarget dps not so bad...
    It can be done on defender gauntlets, like BH have special effect on set gloves.
    2. DT should use bigger part of shield armor scaling and less weapon damage scaling, now it is 2000% weapon damage and extra 100% shield armor as damage, should be 1000% weapon damage and 500% extra shield armor as damage.
    3. 250 armor shield enchant does not increase shield slam and DT damage(both scales from shield's armor). Including sword and board passive, shield armor is doubled, so it's 500 armor.
    4. 77lvl shield base armor is 1939(same as swords minimal damage) and 2424 base block rating(swords maximum damage). Maybe change to mace's min max dmg, since blackguard mace is main weapon for SW? Base armor on 77 lvl shield 2084 and base block rating 2278. But this is just an option, this chapter is unnecessary...
    5. Shield slam(sword and board passive) maximum targets can hit is 6. Maybe up that number to 8 or 10? Because shield slam doesn't proc to a ranged attack... Or make it proc to a ranged attack, if the target(liches, archers) is close to warrior(close to melee zone). Or even make shield slam proc even if target is away from warrior, but it won't damage the ranged attacker, in case he is far away from warrior...
    6. And now i wanna share my ideas on how to make deflect work. I think to make deflect work for SW, along with block - block is main survival stat, deflect supports block to sustain damage. Block does bigger part, deflect lesser. And restrict parry and dodge for shield Warrior, since they cancels shield slam and deadly throw procs, make block and deflect for shield Warrior and parry dodge for all other builds.
    I came up to three options to make deflect be useful: extra buff for whirlwind(new effect for 4 or 6 pieces defender set),new passive, and new enchant on shield(for price of GLORY).
    But at first, I wanna explain how SW works NOW...
    Now fully Celestialed shield warrior can beat up to 158TL (Garm and Kara 159 160 is very tough for SW - harder to beat than 161-163) maybe even up to 161-163(especially for guys with 100+ of each medals).
    Right at those lvls shield warrior starts to lack in tankiness. At 155 TL I could beat mobs in 3 minutes, but at 158 I can hardly do it in 4 min. Shield Warrior have a limit to number of enemies he can aggro and tank at the same time. Don't know exact number, but around 40. Maybe even 50, but in this case I have to use apple and hp potion. The gameplay is - u pull - ~40 mobs, and with shield block and Tos kill some part of the mobpack, and only then u can pull few packs more(only regular mobs, not elites, they re bad for SW). Keeping so much mobs, that SW could sustain during shield block and be enough to live from battle rage + whirlwind(both heals with 2 defender set pieces) to next BR+WW (in the end gonna add a screen of my Warrior and a link with 156 TL gameplay).
    If you try to pull even more mobs(60-70 and more) shield block won't sustain and you won't kill any mob and warrior will keep dying, and the mobs will be healed with your death....

    6.1. Gonna start with new enchant on shield(for price of GLORY, just like glory enchants on weapon).
    As I see, deflect should be rebalanced in favor of shield warrior, because you tank huge packs of mobs, it's logical, u take very much hits and deflect should solve SW survivability and his lacking in dps, if our beloved developers wanna make SW next meta build
    New shield enchant should make deflect chance to consume damage, based on your overall armor, for example, each deflected hit consumes damage by 25% or 50% of your overall armor. SW usually have over 30k armor(when fully celestialed, with 3 armor aura companions), so each deflected hit reduces damage by 7500(25%) or 15k(50%) damage. Usually you put block on items to reach 3800-4k block rating,so you have a 95-100% regular block chance, and when you use shield block, u have 7800-8000 block rating, otherwise 195% block chance(all block chance above 100% is critical block, capped at 195%). 40% reduced damage when it's regular block, and 80% when critical block, so this new enchant is most effective only when you use shield block. But right now, every shield warrior overcaps block rating to gain extra power from 6 pieces Def set, and a bit more survivability when shield block is on cooldown. I think this is a bit wrong stat distribution...
    6.2. Extra buff when you use whirlwind. It can be added on 4 or 6 pieces Def set. This extra buff DOUBLES your deflect rating, and as an option, during this buff enemies have INCREASED attack speed, but damage is reduced even more than it is now. More hits by enemies - more shield slam procs... A little moment here, this will make whirling storm belt even more needed than deadly throw belt, making DT belt even more useless. As I understand whirling storm belt is designed for fury build and DT belt is for shield warrior...
    6.3. New passive specific for shield warrior.
    At first, I wanna propose to REMOVE all that matters about deadly throw on Duelist and Lightning reflexes passives, and add another skill, for example for fury build or any other build, making these two passives NOT for shield warrior but for other builds. Because when you use shield block, u have multiple DT casts in a row, so u won't have 10 stacks on each DT cast. Usually, after 1st cast with 10 flurry stacks, every next cast won't reach 10 flurry stacks in one second, but around 0-3 flurry stacks, so it's like : 1st cast is usually with 10 stacks, 2nd cast goes with 0-3 flurry stacks(depends how stacks are accumulated between each DT cast)and so on, usually it takes some time to accumulate 10 stacks again.
    New passive suggest to be this way: add some amount of deflect rating. For each deflected hit, warrior accumulate 1 stack, maximum of 10. Each stack increases damage of shield slam and deadly throw(for example by 50%). If before 10 flurry stacks increased damage by 100% and 400% crit damage for one cast of DT or devastate, then with new passive ALL next 10 casts of slam or DT will have damage increased by 50%. The only difference I want to point, each stack is wasted on shield slam if there are 2 and more enemies in fight, and stacks are wasted on Deadly throw if there is only 1 enemy in fight.
    SW will have shield slam, 20% armor and this third passives...

    So in summary, I see the situation on deflect next: you acquire deflect on items, plus some u get from passive, shield enchant helps warrior with sustaining - if NOW SW relys only on block, 95% chance to reduce incoming damage by 80%(fully caped block chance during shield block buff),then with deflect SW will have 95% to reduce incoming damage by 80% and plus to that reduce incoming damage by a certain amount(25 or 50% of your overall armor). Extra buff for WW to double deflect rating so SW have a good chance to deflect, and stacks from passive that will increase DT and SS damage(if not stacks, then deflect itself should deal huge damage and be third source of damage of SW, this damage can be scaled of warrior's total armor or something like that)...

    Thanks for reading, hope players that have experience on shield warrior will share here their opinion on how SW can be buffed and discuss mine
    ​​​​​​And as promised - 156 TL shield warrior video
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    nice suggestions, auto cast might be a good option.