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    My feedback to the game

    From my medium experience:
    1. Graphics/Animation/Music/Voice Acting - Very Cool
    2. Story - Good enough
    3. Playability and joy - very high

    What could be improved:
    1. Companions - more interactions, equiping items, unlockable passives/auras for the team, lore skills (i.e.: picklocking, herb gathering, etc)
    2. Items - actually past 40 commons, greens, blues and most of epics are useless. You need few epics/legendary for crafting (that takes long). Buying blue items for gold in the shop is pointless.
    3. Crafting - unlockable additional slots, actually I would redisign crafting to disenchant items for ingrediens, so greens, blues etc have some use too apart selling. Some rare mats could be obtainable from chests/particular bosses, etc
    also crafting level could be increased when you craft something
    4. Heroic+ store mode - it's way harder than trials and trials yield much more reward
    5. Dungeons (is there only one?)
    6. Some hard obtainable special items (i.e.: gathering tons of materials)

    Let's try to figure something out from your thread.
    1. Better interaction is coming, such as new looks and skin changes. Team has already discussed the Equipping Companions system, but they are always meant to be weaker than your hero is. Equipping them would makes them more stronger.
    2. Yes. Buying rares from the shop is useless. But let's hope there are more items to come.
    3. New crafting system is coming, also possible set items crafting. Give it a time.
    4. Yes, I agree. Drop rates in story should be improved.
    5. Misty island is the only dungeon. Nothing said about more dungeons. Maybe...
    6. What do you say on Named items?
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