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    A few suggestions

    Game is going well for me and I want to contribute this as well.

    Here is what I think about new -possible- additions that would enhance game sense:

    1- Creating builds for heroes (items, abilities and maybe companion): With one click I would change the whole specs of my hero. For example, we all use "changing offensive items/skills to more defensive ones" strategy in boss fights. We may do this with one click where we have created these in character section instead of changing items, skills and companions one by one. World of Warcraft players will easily understand what I mean.. )
    2- Gem Fusing events: I don't know which one but one of the mobile-game was doing such events. Example: fusing common gem rewards you a random rough gems; fusing teardrop gem rewards you a random common gem... Ofc there will be limits (i.e. max 10 fusing of each type rewards you; 11th fusing of same type will not bring any reward). This technique will/may also increase people tendency to buy gem gemstone selection or gem (good for developers )
    3- Other events: Complete xx level and get yyy rewards, kill aaa mob and get 1000 gold etc...
    4- Trial index: I wish I would see which trials I have completed/dead count/max mob killed etc...
    5- Interaction with companions: Let us choose different skills (first, create some...) of each companion.
    6- Last but not least: PVP asap

    Btw, completing last level (level 40) refreshes the upper difficulty level; is it bug or ..? This have ruined my 15-16 completed level of heroic when I tried to complete 4 star of last level in normal difficult. (not a big issue, I just wanna mention it)

    Thanks for this amazing and ever-growing game.


    I am not sure if it was said before, but I think that it was said before, number 2 and mainly 3 is in the works. Number 1 is definitely great idea for the veteran players. Great suggestions.
    Here is the confirmation of suggestions number 2 and 3:
    One of the side priorities is to include the two-handed weapons. These weapons will have higher damage, and one more stat for each quality, meaning that legendary items will have 5 stats. These items will have slightly lower attack speed. They (might) include: Other types of staffs, bows, crossbows, spears, advanced axes and some other types of weapons. Nowadays, two handed weapons are rather a speculation than a confirmed upcoming feature (as it has never been mentioned again by the development
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