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    Just few more suggestions

    Hi Guys,

    First thanks a lot for the great game.
    I would like to give some suggestions, probably most of them have been already discussed.
    I can see that game is always being improved, it will be fine to contribute with some more tips.

    - Have the Victory message and End Level button from Trials placed in other space or resize it. I think I'm not the only player that seek to clean all mobs for xp and that window bother a bit.
    - Give us a option to place potions in other place when playing a scenario. Right handed people could use the right side easier than left side. Android players.
    - Better use of coins. I know this idea is probably under development but it would be nice if we could farm coins to buy/improve Attributes like we do with XP. Increasing each time used.
    That could be a second option for high level players to focus and take rest of spending hours getting levels >2000.
    - We could have a very rare respawn of special boss or mini boss when playing Trials. Something like 1~5% of chance to find one and then it could drop special rewards like better gemstones, high amount of coins, gears...
    - Activate/Deactivate Primary and Secondary Attacks. Really a pain for Android players.
    - Make slots of Abilities upgrade useful when finishing all skills to 10. Example, taking 100 hours to give at least 1 point of an Attribute of choice or maybe improvements for Companions.

    Please continue your great job and don't let the game die.


    Haven't I seen this before?


      +1 to first idea
      VUFO ZEBE ZAQI 1381