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    Originally posted by Melchiah View Post
    Lol. Magroth frozen, BF guage empty, Enraging appears above him. I go to move, and get one-shotted by a still-frozen Magroth. No surprise it happened during a milestone Trial.

    Sad. My eyes rolled so hard I saw the bottom of my brain.
    See, what I do (and I'm not perfect, but I've generally made Magroth my *****) is blink REALLY shortly after Magroth gets frozen. Because there's the chance he might enrage/BF/whatever out of it. I suspect that **** might go sideways when he gets frozen... so I plan accordingly.

    Oh, and he's my ***** at 96 (far short of Purple Potato 's 115, but Magroth's still rather a *****).

    The fact that something is a milestone trial makes 0 difference. Literally 0 difference. At all. None.

    Also, trials don't modify themselves according to the player's power (TL80 won't become more difficult as you go up in CL). If that were the case, it would completely contradict Coda 's entire XP grinding thread... and I've found 0 error in his work. It would mean that a CL 1600 character dropping back down to TL80 would suddenly find stronger mobs facing them, which is clearly not the case.

    Once again.... 01100111 01101001 01110100 01100111 01110101 01100100
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