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[QoL] add [Sort] button to Jewelry

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    Agreed, sort routines like this are pretty basic - theoretically, it should not be difficult at all. As already stated, it seems like they have some kind of sorting routine for the equipment display; however, it might be that code is not in a re-usable state for this purpose. That said, perhaps they just don't have the time to put this in, or, maybe they don't want to. But, I do agree it would be nice to have, I honestly don't see a reason to not include it. One other thing to consider is that this sorting could only affect jewelry that have 1 stat, it's a given based on the feature request, but, it could be a little weird on handling if someone were to have a mix of other jewels in their inventory that had multiple stats (where do they move those then leave them be, or put at the bottom of the inventory?).

    My only 2 cents on this, that would add a little complexity, but really not that much, would be to allow us to select to sort ASC/DESC and grouped or not grouped (i.e., keep Vitality items together as opposed to not).


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      I'd note that it's pretty easy for the player to control what gets sorted, just by choosing what goes in stash, and what stays on inventory
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