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    A week after I started the game, ANB - Gold league have started. So I went here at forums to answer all my questions (about the event and stuffs). I believe I could have known the mechanics and "stuffs" of the game just by playing the game itself. But reading at forums is like a +200% Exp Bonus in real life ?

    One thing that consumed my gametime playing are the "books". I literally double checked and triple checked all the "People" (Alarion, Liana etc.) around hometown if there are unfinished quest, because I thought those "books" are requirements for a specific task/quest (and I also literally thought it needs to stay in the inventory the whole gameplay of your life).
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      Books are given in various levels through story mode. They are useless except provide background to story. I keep 1 of each in stash so I don't get a new one every time I run specific levels, which happens when farming story mode or running daily quests.
      Books of Learning are a different beast. You only get those in ANBs, and they reduce time for abilities to upgrade. There are 15 minute, 1 hr and 3 hr BoLs.


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        10 minute?

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        I thought they were 15 min, but you may be right.

        You are correct. 10 min, not 15.
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      Playing trials on a mobile, I did not notice there was a timer. I first visited the forum to see why I couldn't unlock the next trial. When a trial loads it says (something like) beat it as fast as you can to unlock the next one; my fastest was longer than 10 minutes.
      Once a trial boss is dead the enter portal message partly covers the trial timer.Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted by Jeremy Rosengrant View Post
        Once a trial boss is dead the enter portal message partly covers the trial timer.

        Jeremy Rosengrant if I’m not mistaken, that’s a known bug (affects me too, iOS). There’s been some scuttlebutt of upcoming UI changes and hopefully a fix for that will be one of the changes.
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          Thanks. Changing the start dialogue to 'defeat enemies and boss before timer expires to unlock next trial' may inform new players about the requirements.

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          Yup, the art team is hard at work on new UI stuff.

        I would also waste time hanging around chests and battle grounds until i collected everything... that didnt last long though, the first time you miss something and it comes flying back to you at the end of a level or trial, you realize that its a built in functionality.

        More importantly, i didnt quite realize at first how important resources and gems were (i started right before ads were taken away a couple months ago. Also, i only relatively recently discovered the forum.) As such, i was super frivolous with my crafting and spending (open a locked chest for 54 gems? Sure, i have 60!!)... had i known better, i may have been a bit more careful


          There should be some confirmation for crafting an enchantment... just like how the screen changes when crafting any other item. At first (and still if i am crafting when i am a bit twisted or tired) i would think that i didnt craft because the screen never changed... and i would subsequently craft the same enchantment over again even though i no longer needed it.

          Also, i remember that i didnt understand the books of learning during my first anb - there should be an in game explanation of them somewhere for brand new players


            The Heroes share gems, money and most of the recipes.
            I made a mistake buying the bracers for the "2nd" hero, ignoring the difference between Mage and BH bracers, as the firsts imply cloth and the seconds leather...


              I just started, almost level 6, and I still can't find deckard cain! I do like the throwback forums and fruit ninja casting, at least 3 decades of nostalgia in 15m. All jokes aside I look forward to ditzing around until I'm drawing v's on **** irl. ?