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    A week after I started the game, ANB - Gold league have started. So I went here at forums to answer all my questions (about the event and stuffs). I believe I could have known the mechanics and "stuffs" of the game just by playing the game itself. But reading at forums is like a +200% Exp Bonus in real life ?

    One thing that consumed my gametime playing are the "books". I literally double checked and triple checked all the "People" (Alarion, Liana etc.) around hometown if there are unfinished quest, because I thought those "books" are requirements for a specific task/quest (and I also literally thought it needs to stay in the inventory the whole gameplay of your life).
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      Books are given in various levels through story mode. They are useless except provide background to story. I keep 1 of each in stash so I don't get a new one every time I run specific levels, which happens when farming story mode or running daily quests.
      Books of Learning are a different beast. You only get those in ANBs, and they reduce time for abilities to upgrade. There are 15 minute, 1 hr and 3 hr BoLs.


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        10 minute?

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        I thought they were 15 min, but you may be right.

        You are correct. 10 min, not 15.
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      Playing trials on a mobile, I did not notice there was a timer. I first visited the forum to see why I couldn't unlock the next trial. When a trial loads it says (something like) beat it as fast as you can to unlock the next one; my fastest was longer than 10 minutes.
      Once a trial boss is dead the enter portal message partly covers the trial timer.Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted by Jeremy Rosengrant View Post
        Once a trial boss is dead the enter portal message partly covers the trial timer.

        Jeremy Rosengrant if I’m not mistaken, that’s a known bug (affects me too, iOS). There’s been some scuttlebutt of upcoming UI changes and hopefully a fix for that will be one of the changes.
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          Thanks. Changing the start dialogue to 'defeat enemies and boss before timer expires to unlock next trial' may inform new players about the requirements.

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          Yup, the art team is hard at work on new UI stuff.

        I would also waste time hanging around chests and battle grounds until i collected everything... that didnt last long though, the first time you miss something and it comes flying back to you at the end of a level or trial, you realize that its a built in functionality.

        More importantly, i didnt quite realize at first how important resources and gems were (i started right before ads were taken away a couple months ago. Also, i only relatively recently discovered the forum.) As such, i was super frivolous with my crafting and spending (open a locked chest for 54 gems? Sure, i have 60!!)... had i known better, i may have been a bit more careful


          There should be some confirmation for crafting an enchantment... just like how the screen changes when crafting any other item. At first (and still if i am crafting when i am a bit twisted or tired) i would think that i didnt craft because the screen never changed... and i would subsequently craft the same enchantment over again even though i no longer needed it.

          Also, i remember that i didnt understand the books of learning during my first anb - there should be an in game explanation of them somewhere for brand new players


            The Heroes share gems, money and most of the recipes.
            I made a mistake buying the bracers for the "2nd" hero, ignoring the difference between Mage and BH bracers, as the firsts imply cloth and the seconds leather...


              I just started, almost level 6, and I still can't find deckard cain! I do like the throwback forums and fruit ninja casting, at least 3 decades of nostalgia in 15m. All jokes aside I look forward to ditzing around until I'm drawing v's on **** irl. ?


                These are suggestions directly related to my first impressions of the game.
                I would like to suggest that crafting jewelry be simplified, so that rather than having to combine 3 items of the same level, you would have to combine 3 items of the same grade. For example, instead of combining 3 lvl 20 rings, your rings simply have to be the same grade (3 rare or 3 epic, etc.). The quality of the newly crafted item will then be ~the result of the attributes you applied to the items as well as the combined average of the level of the items you combined, boosted by the chosen attributes. In the beginning, using Morgan the second time around was a bummer, because crafting my first necklace and 2 rings was expensive enough (for me as a beginner), and then learning the hard way about the true cost was shocking, because I leveled up so quickly that the first two rings I crafted were old news within a matter of minutes.

                In addition, perhaps there's something to be said about fixing the imbalance between same items. For example, I find it quirky and often times confusing to find an Epic lvl 70 demo helmet more "valuable" in attributes, than a Legendary lvl 70 demo helmet.

                Thank you for the game and forum. It's quite, as intended ;-)
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                  Custom GUI
                  When I look at some of the videos, the GUI looks different than mine. I play on both a Windows PC and an IPad.
                  Is there a way to customize my GUI? Like the screen placement of actions, casting, etc?

                  Also, on my IPAD in the Story Mode Panel, Oasis is behind the planet list with only 1 star showing. I found it almost by accident.


                    Originally posted by ricklhall View Post
                    Custom GUI
                    When I look at some of the videos, the GUI looks different than mine. I play on both a Windows PC and an IPad.
                    Is there a way to customize my GUI? Like the screen placement of actions, casting, etc?
                    The UI has changed over the years, so if you're watching older videos, it will look different. Aside from that, you can toggle between the PC and mobile HUD on the PC version of the game.