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    Bounty Hunter skill suggestions

    So come next patch, everyone's been talking about BH reaching the leaderboards and leading. Disregarding their plans of nerf or buffing other classes instead, it's definitely time for BH to get meaningful/useful skills that interact with each other pretty much like how DPS and Shockwave works for Warrior, like how Frost Nova into Blizzard and beam does, too.

    So here's some of what I thought would make sense to be a good addition.

    Skill Name: Expunge

    Interacts with: Poison ammo.

    Sprite looks like: A Grenade or a Detonator with a Trap laying in the ground animation for BH.

    What it does: Pretty much like shockwave, but kind of different given the glass cannon build nature of BH.

    Throws a trap that detonates 1/2/3/4/5 seconds after enemy contact at levels 2/4/6/8/10 on enemy contact like Frozen trap, which deals an amplified total damage equal to the total stacks of Poison shots an enemy currently has and has a chance to deal bonus damage depending on current health.

    E.g. Deals 500% of total DPS still left to tick on enemy mobs and removes the poison ammo effect afterwards.

    If the enemy has at least 50% or less HP left when Expunge is used, enemies killed by it explodes bombs of poison dealing percentage of its health damage to enemies nearby (range approximation example of burst AOE is like half non-level 10 Blizzard AOE.

    Cooldown: Depends.. might be high if the damage numbers are high and mid if the damage ain't that high enough.


    Skill Name: Disintegrate

    Interacts with: Incoming Damage (encourages traps user BH gameplay)

    Sprite looks like: The BH sprite disappears from sight then instantly appearing to another location after 2 seconds.

    What it does: Crows/Fake hero sprite stays inside the mob being attacked by mobs and detonates an area with Vortex AOE inflicting a status ailment for 3-7 seconds to enemies in the AOE increasing the damage they take by 30/35/40/45/50 from all sources and 2-4 times of this value increased bonus damage if damage source is dealt by a trap.

    Cooldown: Depends ony values of amplifcation dealt can share the same mechanic as Clone skill of Mage and can have 2 stacks too.


    Skill Name: Gather/Collect Bounty

    Interacts with: Smokescreen/Heat seekers

    Sprite looks like: Gold, Gemstones, and Legendary item splashes.

    What it does: Can be used on enemies below 10/20/30/40/50% health to steal 50/25/10% chance Gold gained based on map (fixed-e.g. 10-50k Gold on TBD), varying gemstones ranging from above common to Trillion gemstones with decreasing chances for better drops, and Legendary normal items to Legendary set items with decreasing chances for better drops on use.

    Then deals exponential damage based on drop acquired. The better the item, gold, stone acquired, the higher the damage. Minimum of 250% to 500% to 1000% of the damage already dealt to the enemy but damage is reduced twice as normal by target's armor.

    Cooldown: Around a minute or so.


    Skill Name: Essence Flux (New semi-passive for all)

    Interacts with: Gold and gemstones for BH, Mobs killed for Mage, Max Armor and HP% Damage tanked for Warrior and Time spent on the map/trial

    Sprite looks like: Aura effect for any champion (requires a minimum CL to get and requires a certain CL to upgrade. E.g. must be CL 500 to get, and 100 CL per upgrade for a maximum of 1,500 CL to get level 10.

    What it does: Gold, gemstone (quantity and value), and vault, inventory (fullness) for BH, Mobs killed in the map increase % effectiveness and CL (for Souls-nearest connected reason for Mages), Max Armor and HP % and damage tanked by warrior in the map, allows chosen stats to flux through your hero class giving a percentage increase in the CORE stats of your class.

    Procs when boss spawns, you attack a boss ALONE. And gives the below bonuses for 1-5 seconds upon attacking.

    CR/CD/Evasion ONLY to Max for BH, Power/Defense/Ability rate ONLY to Max for Mage, and CD/Power/Defense ONLY to max when it procs.

    Cooldown: I don't know, I've typed enough for this time. LMAO.

    Let the flame burn and the salty games begin!
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