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  • First!

    Hey everyone! With multiplayer features coming, we're gearing up to lay the groundwork for some usersub content stuff (Twitch, etc.). First things first, I'd like you guys to help me track down the videos that we already have here on the forum. If you come across an existing video, please quote the post containing the video (on the thread the video is in) and let me know that it needs to be moved here. I realize that things can get kind of jumbled when I move posts and threads around, but that's ok. After a bit, the dust will settle and everything will sort itself out into a nice go-to section for gameplay videos and/or streams.


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    This will require quite a bit of digging up to do,as we have to look at very old threads.But will do.


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      Okay,so I marked around 6 videos for your gameplay video section.Most of them are mage,and one is BH,one is a jewelry crafting video.Guess it will do for now.


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        By the way,do you want outdated videos as well? Don't think you do,but there are videos of gameplay from very old versions.


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          I wish I could livestream it on Twitch but my internet doesnt allow this.... :cry:
          ANB #1- Mage Rank 17... T107 in 9:47
          ANB #2- Mage Rank 1..... T116 in 9:54

          Live LB- Mage Rank 3..... T122 in 9:05.
          Live LB- XP Mage ........... T112 in 7:55/ T100 in 3:25.

          Click here to see my gameplay videos.


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            I wouldn't post in there the old videos. The current updated client seems really playable and lovable. The old one was straight up telling you not to even open the game. Just a friendly suggestion. (Unless you want to create one video and show the actual difference between the older times, the current ones and the post-update ones (if there's any change at all)).
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            Originally posted by CountBelzebul;n96592
            when i start playing eternium last warrior had 3 maggie as companion...when i heard maggie being nerfed...i got frustrated...then i just delete my warrior...


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              Originally posted by Primus View Post
              By the way,do you want outdated videos as well?
              No, thanks.


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                  Originally posted by Coda
                  It might be helpful to embed video(s) into their own topic/thread, with a descriptive title and/or short explanation in the body.

                  Then, instead of just a link to a YouTube channel or individual video, there will be information about what it shows.

                  There are buttons on the toolbar to embed pictures and videos. It appears that function may not be enabled in this channel. At least, not for pictures.
                  Yeah I agree,it will be good if threads are created with embedded videos.But it might take bit of a work to do,however video making guys like Purple Potato , Dyoma and c0rp1 can make dedicated gameplay videos across each classes- mage,warrior and BH respectively and make a thread on that with request to be included in gameplay video section.

                  This will ensure all classes are represented,and with different aspects of gameplay,like trials,story mode,gem farming,jewelry crafting etc.It will also improve the quality of the gameplay video section.


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