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ELR Mage TL151

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    ELR Mage TL151

    As requested by Bali_Lenni at couple of TL151 runs under 5 mins

    #2 I said ...real magic !

    Seriously, thank you indeed kind sir for the troubles taken. I will be rewatching this quite a few times. Cheers also for the stats debrief. Nice coincidence you played on 1'2 toughness.

    My Crit toon has about 8'3 dmg at that kind of toughness and the only times I succeed at 151 or 149 or 148 is playing between 7'9 and 8'3 dmg with toughness 1'2-1'35ish. That is on mobile though. After watching your video my suspicion is, even though not keyboard and no beam vortexing, I need to find a way to do bigger map pulls and not constantly die circling bigger or elitesaturated mobs, ....maybe not quite as large as windows players do them, but my walls are definitely a mob phase problem, finding it very hard to clear with 3-4 minutes left for the boss. I have tried using much more toughness, but the gained mob time is just too minimal to make up for the extra boss time needed.

    Anyways great video and a very nice Magroth defeated in the snow by a final ToSproc explosion finish ....​​​​​​
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