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Farming xp/eg at trial 115 with Defender in ANB

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    Farming xp/eg at trial 115 with Defender in ANB

    Here are a few quick runs at trial 115 with Defender and Firelily.

    Read below for tips:

    Gear: 6D, Belt of Whirling Storm, firelily, Talisman of Power/Doom, Integralas mantel, WW axe, Liberator, Deadly throw bracer. Manastims.

    Enchantments and gear tips: helm: slayer gloves: block everything else is optional. Slayer on axe not necessary at this level. shield: add armor, and socket with a diamond. This adds damage to Deadly throw! Do not enchant with Tortoise, this does not add damage!

    Stats: First started with xp/eg/ability/physical/movement speed. When crafting legendaries, aim for up to 3800 block rating, then little bit of vitality and haste. For farming 100-105 fast all you need is WW10, an ephemeral lvl 70 Liberator, 1500 ability rating. All other stats are less important.

    Skills and passives (in order of importance):
    WW 10 - instantly 50 sec runs become 30 sec.
    Shield block (the higher, the better. Each level adds 400 block rating, which offers a lot of toughness and is equal to 400 power)
    Charge lvl 1 - for movement only
    Sword and board 10 - doubles shield armor, which transfers to damage!
    Frenzy level 3 - speed buff
    Fleet footed
    Tough as nails - adds both toughness and damage (through shield armor)

    Strategy: Pull enemies with WW. Cast when between groups. Try to move near the center lines, not along the walls. Charge long, aim between groups, not on top. Cast shield block once every 5 sec or so. When Kara shows up, for max damage wait for her swords attack, then use 2 shield blocks.

    Companions: as many warriors as possible.

    Lily or crit? Both are good. Lily is cheaper and doesn't need any stats to farm 105. Crit needs a lot of fire essences, and ultimately does a bit more damage.
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    Thanks for sharing this, especially with such detailed description.
    A real eye opener. I was struggling with my BH TL105 59sec and heard you can go in around 30s (could not find any vids of such runs, though). Did not think it was even possible at this TL until now
    Really nice tip with ephemeral liberator working well on 105 - makes it available for testing to those with smaller gem budgets.

    Now I'm at real dilemma: for silver ANB (veteran) I was planning on practicing ELR mage, maybe spot some nice build-tricks.
    Then I noticed in current bronze, that you can get 105 with BH in 45 sec with RF+MT+SS, without companions (I assume it's SS disengage after MT+RF, and then speed running to next group). As I have only an hour left I'm tempted to test it more in silver.
    And now it's this diamond you posted, that makes me want to finally try ANB with warrior.

    All in all, an inspiring play to watch. Keep up great work of posting.


    • bojck
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      yes, I have some old videos explaining a strategy for farming with warrior and pushing with mage, without spending too much.

      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

      It only makes sense if you farm CL1900-2000+ with warrior (which is quite fast when you do it a few times).

      Then put everything you want to keep into the stash, and delete the warrior. Note that you still need to unlock the abilities and inventory for the second hero, as well as any additional skill cooking slots. It's possible to still keep the budget very low, e.g. 500-1000 gems total.

    • Cashez
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      Thanks for info. The link seems to be down, but I get your point and can see +/- how to do it from the rest of your movies
      (although you make 140 faster than I do 105 so a LOT of practice will be needed

      As for push I was wondering about staying in veteran for a season or two. I have noticed a few good players (~45s TL 105) consistently do this ANB to ANB and stop at 119. I guess the reason is, after entering master it's much harder to get any medals, but maybe there's another reason?
      Or maybe it's pointless to wait and I should push as soon as I'm able to (currently I think TL140 would be max of my abilities)?

    • bojck
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      in my opinion as soon as you can farm 100 with your class of choice in 1:30, you are ready to move on to the top league. If I had to time when to do it, I'd choose Gold or Platinum to earn a few red medals. But yeah, staying too long in the lower leagues just isn't healthy, you miss too much of the game

    bojck A little update from current ANB: managed to get TL105 down to 31 and 115 to 33s (105 is still much better for consistent times). Now I have a totally different perspective on my BH times - totally not comparable to warrior, both 6D and 6F (not saying it cant be done, but it's MUCH harder with BH to consistently go down below 60s on TL105).

    I still have a bit over 2h left and will make a new character (also warrior) to get some more crafting done. Again, thanks for the tip you can actually do that during ANB.

    Do you know by any chance, if CT will be removed only after the event, or maybe also when you delete character bound to it?
    I'm wondering if it would be possible to CT something to up the stats, and then ct again during same ANB.

    An interesting side note: this character started with crafting mastery 49, and reached 50 during event.
    All crafts at lvl 49 were similar to overall scheme, with one lucky 77 on the axe, but I'm still inclined to create new one, to get fresh start with CM50 and try to get the 75+ shield.

    Also, the previous (bronze) ANB toon did a lot of bracers all the way from CM48 to 49 and the results were exactly matching those from CL50 (only 1 piece of 71 in 30-40 crafts, and others doubling almost exactly).


    • bojck
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      sounds like a good ANB : ) Guess you already created the new character and saw that the previous items remain CTed. But yeah it's a good idea to start a fresh crafter, and use Pythia

    Farming with a shield warrior? this looks interesting
    for years i (a shield warrior player) have to used the "furious flaming axe build" (6/6 fury) for farming. Haven't try a shield warrior i'm afraid.
    Any good result? if yes i would love to try it later.
    Why? well, if "shield warrior equal Fury set" in farming better just used a shield warrior from the beginning rather than:

    1. Fury set for exp/gold
    2. later change to "defender" when trial pushing etc

    Hv a nice day
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    • Cashez
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      Actually 6F seems to be a bit faster, but that's just observation from veteran anb, no idea how it looks in master.
      In general top 6F times on TL105 were around 25sec, and for 6D I noticed more like 30sec (not checked in current).
      And indeed, the fact that you can keep the same build for farming and push (with ex/eg replaced with cr/cd) is really something, especially for less experienced players like myself.
      Plus this liberator from box doing the job on 105..

      In current Gold anb I plan to push to master with 6D and finally get to play on those TL120+

      And as for WW10 I noticed it's not needed until you get better sword and board and shield block, at least I kept dying from pulling all those mobs at once in early TL.
      Also bracer is not really needed for 105, SaB 10 should give enough damage buff.

    • bojck
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      that's right, 6F can be faster at 105 with good gear and slayer. But 6D can easily farm 115 in 30 sec with xp/eg gear and without slayer. My best was 115 was 23 sec this time. You need to wait some seconds for Kara's swords, but then the kill is guaranteed...

      Good luck in this anb!

    • Cashez
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      Thanks! It went well. Ranked #1 in veteran and now only masters for me
      140 in ~1:10, still with charge, but when I tried to repeat it I kept dying all the time, so some luck there I guess.
      150 in ~3:20 and then 155 in 3:10 which unlocked 160.
      Unfortunately no RL time to push further. Shame, as I still had 2h of event time and I heard game changes a lot after 160.
      Again, really appreciate all the tips.

    Quick Question, i am recently back to the game, played it several years ago but tablet wouldnt handle the update so i moved on. I never made it high enough to do Leagues. Question is this, are certain sets better at different level of the Trials or is it play style that determines the gear ? I have not been able to get past lvl 80 Trials, but i am running Jug gear that have been drops and not crafted. I am working on my first set of perfect rings now, and see from the stats that will probably help alot just having those.


    • bojck
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      shield warrior is quite fun to play, definitely give it a try! Maybe in an ANB event, where you can use boxes to craft shield and armor pieces. It will easily get you past tl80. There are a few good builds for every class, depending on the purpose. Some builds are better suited for farming, others for higher trials. Defender is great at both