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Guide to Story Mode Speed Running for Gems - Feedback and Discussion Thread

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    Originally posted by Keaven
    Had plenty of resources doing speed runs so knocked it over crafting level 20 epics.
    Epic lvl 20 ? Lot of gold needed. I'm enjoyed with lv 31 rare. 4 lv up to go


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      Originally posted by prima pondaaga View Post
      Epic lvl 20 ? Lot of gold needed. I'm enjoyed with lv 31 rare. 4 lv up to go
      Yeah, that's right. Cause I've been gold farming during speed runs I've got no shortage there as well as crafting mats and gold to craft essences from lessors, so it was super quick to reach max crafting mastery.
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        Originally posted by Tin Man View Post
        There are no story level modes that are good for experience once you have leveled up. Running story levels eventually contributes about as much experience as run something like Trial Level 20. Using story levels for experience is only useful for lower CL levels.
        Originally posted by Keaven View Post
        As I'm currently farming TL 85 for gear and XP I'm earning at least one CP level at around 800 CP per trial, and I'm earning about 1 CP level after around 10 stages (all difficulties) by estimate, so although not much, it's still something and the stats I'm sacrificing by using XP and gold on speed run gear aren't neccissary.
        Thanks Tin Man This is what I am finding, and have just run a comparison try test it. Legendary Morgenheim gave me about 1/10 the xp per in game minute of trial 100.

        I've just reached CL 2034 now. I did some T100 and Morgenheim (legendary difficulty) runs to compare how much xp I got from each.
        All runs done with the same character: regalia mage, 558% xp, no xp boost, 15% xp from war supplies event.
        3 runs T100: 0.17CL, took about 6 minutes in game time
        8 runs Morg: 0.03CL, took about 10 minutes in game time.


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          I've been following the advice here, which I've found very helpful, but I've been doing a bit of a hybrid version as I use some placeholder characters to farm mats, buy recipes and earn gems to prepare for the next ANB. Will create the characters properly there.

          What I really appreciate here is the concept of building a decent, viable temporary character on only 3 skills. Thought I'd let you know the 6 piece stalker set offers another route with its 20% chance of a free (level 15!) snipe every 25 attacks, especially paired with the assassin pistols which turn snipe into an aoe. You don't have to have snipe equipped or levelled to take advantage of those procs, meaning you can use rapid fire, multi shot or smoke screen as your utility skill. Have been enjoying playing a BH with that setup and am looking forward to playing it with the full complement of skills when the next ANB rolls around.

          Cheers for the guide!


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            Has anyone tried using warrior leap shortcuts for a speed run build?

            I'm doing stars on my Warrior at the moment, and knowing the levels from speed running with BH it's pretty fun, and I reckon it could even be quicker. Maybe worth trying for fun if you are doing speed runs already.

            I'm using the following:

            Focused on movement speed, ability, parry.
            2 defender set, 4 warlord set, Bladstorm set, IM
            , Charge, Whirlwind
            Fleet Footed, Intensive Training, Lightning Reflexes.

            The bold abilities are the ones to use for a speed run.
            VIQA TESO VUBA 6781
            Eternium Walkthrough