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  • Strategies against Garm

    What is everybody doing against this "poison" Dragon?

    The blue aura, is healing. It's a must to stand in it or at least run through it, during/after the "ring of poison" puts a massive DoT on you.

    What does the orange do? I guess it's a buff, but of what? Does that buff have a duration, or is it only active while standing in it?

    Obviously, don't stand in either when Garm (he? she? it?) rises into the air.

    Nor stand in the way of the poison breath, nor nearby when it's about to blow.

    Had this happen, thought I'd ask (notice life bar)...

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    The orange area, as best I can tell, buffs your own damage. It only lasts while standing in it. For high CL heroes, I don't think the buff is worth much, but I haven't tested that enough to be sure.

    I've noticed that the 2 clouds appear 90 degrees (opposite each other) from where you are located relative to Garm. I believe the clouds switch sides each time the appear. This gives a bit of control so that even if he's in a bad location, you can still manipulate things to get the clouds to appear where you can get to the blue cloud.

    Anyway, basic attack strategy... Begin attack. When the clouds first appear, get to the blue cloud and wait until his "overflow" attacks is done. Then, ideally, wait for the arrow indicating his main breath attack is about to start. Then, blink to the orange cloud. Note that I only typically get a few moments in the orange cloud before the clouds switch locations. When he rises up, get out of the clouds, keep attacking and wait for them to blow up. Once they blow up, the cycle starts over. When in doubt, I try to blink into his blue cloud.

    I try not to "chase" the orange cloud, as it's benefit is not as strong as the blue cloud's healing benefit. If I can get into it, so be it.

    I've found the fight with Garm to be more in keeping with the original bosses. He has a pattern of attacks and it's figuring out how to navigate those attacks that is key. Any one of them can kill you, but they can all be avoided and it's just a matter of keeping it up over a period of time.
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      Yep that's about where I'm at as well. Hoping for more info to be teased out of the game so we can optimize.

      Or Dev notes ?!
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        I got my new beta BH up to TL 90. Garm hits you with DOT poison. Unless you have some monster LOH like most warriors do, you probably don't need to stand in the blue all the time, only when Garm unleashes is "big poison attack." For BH, at higher TL, it is a must to stand in the blue whenever possible to fight off the poison DOT from garm's normal attacks. So to answer your question, don't even bother with the orange circle....this applies only to BH.
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          Originally posted by Bounty View Post
          ... don't even bother with the orange circle....this applies only to BH.
          For BH, I agree. Maybe you can get the cycle and timing wired, and then stand in the orange aura for a bit. But you risk nearly instant death if that "ring of poison" hits you and you're not already inside the blue aura.
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            Im with Lam on this one The orange does buff Your attack but I cant seem to stay in it long enough with mage to really utilize it to any real effect (as a mobile player) I do most of my damage before and after his poison ring attack at which time i go for the blue aura and try to continue the attack... Warrior is different I can Tank his breath but still not the DOT from the P-Ring though i am able to use the orange Aura more often...
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              Originally posted by TheExorcist
              For all the seniors thanks for some strategies on Garm..would be nice if there are videos on how to face Garm
              (Arionthe has post how to beat Kara at Trial 120 at the Gameplay video)
              That's lovely that you think I could accomplish something as grand as beating a 120 Kara... You might have confused me with Lam and his 120 Kara mage video.
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