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Alarion's weapons - useless or not?

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  • Alarion's weapons - useless or not?

    Has anyone tried crafting three of Alarion's weapons together (the staff, sword, and pistol)? They seem like they're special in some way... but I don't know if it's just because they're meant for new players or something. Anyone have any idea if they should be kept or if they're just useless to higher level characters?

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    I have not tried that. To me, they were useless and were sold quickly. Nhat collects them. Maybe he knows how to craft the secret "level 1 million" weapon. I bet it is a shark with laser beams.
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      with "FRICKIN" laser beams! ha


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        Thats actuall not a bad idea...... Too bad i sold mine


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          Haha, too bad I currently can't get them on my main account:

          No secret item that I know of at the moment, although I did managed to briefly see a level 1 dev item with the Legendary cube, when my phone was loading extremely slowly. It was gone after the phone fully loaded though, hehe.
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            I think that they were just part of the introduction to the new game update. I held on to mine just in case, but so far they do not seem to have much usefulness for anyone other than a new character.


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              Sold em and now thinking **** lol


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                Yeah, I've been wondering the same. I've kept them so far.
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                  I still have them! Alarion's weapons that is, all 3 of them. Are they gonna become useful one day ? Like reveal their true self to be an ultra super powerful mega cool weapon? or should I just sell them?