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    Aloha! Anyone can explain how they work? I have plenty of them, but dont understand how to use them wisely thank you!

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    Only use, if you have any ability upgrade ongoing...

    It's easy to use - tap on it, tap on "Read" and the book will decrase the amount of time needed for your ability by the time the book is described (lesser book = 10 min, normal books = 1h, greater book = 3h).

    ​​​​​​It seems there is an issue with amount of books not decreasing, when you read (known issue?) - if i tap read, it won't go down by 1, however it is used and the time goes down too.
    So be sure, not to tap too often, if you have the same issue.
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      Originally posted by Mohawk View Post
      ​​​​​​(known issue?)


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        Use like crazy!
        early you get 10min books and abilities take 10-30 min

        Eventually they take 72 hours
        And you're getting 3 hour books.

        I focus on main skills I use first. Eventually holding the 1 our and 10 min books.
        So by time used abilities are level 8-10
        I can move the level 1 in there use a 10min
        Then few 10 min
        Then a 1 hour book
        1 hour and rest of 10 min book
        Then eventually you're just using every book soon as you pick it up because everything takes 72 hours any way.

        And if you play the 7 days you'll have some left over. Which are planned for new class to instantly have all abilities jump to level 10
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          Thanks A lot!