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Best way to play GooglePlay Account on PC/Laptop?

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  • Best way to play GooglePlay Account on PC/Laptop?

    I've been playing strictly mobile for the past 6 months or so on my Android. I want to be able to play with mouse and keyboard instead of drawing pictures on a screen. I need to take my game to the next level but I don't want to start over as I'm over 1600 CL.

    I want to play spending as little money as possible. So ideally, upgrading to Win10 on my current laptop/PC would be cheapest, since that's like $50, but am I able to play Eternium on a GooglePlay account somehow in Win10? Or would I just be better off getting a $200-300 Chromebook to play on?

    Does anyone have experience playing on a lower end chromebook? I'm curious about how the game plays on one.

    Thank anyone for your advice.

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    You can download the game from the windows store. After it's installed you just log into your account and you are all set. I play on my Note9 while on the go and my PC ultrabook when I'm home. The only downside (upside maybe) is you don't get videos in the little questionmark boxes on windows so no +5 gems.


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      So your characters carry cross platform? Whether you play on Windows or an Android phone?

      Because if that is the case, I will just upgrade to Win10 on this **** laptop I'm typing on right now haha.

      What type of specs would I need to play at a good frame rate on PC? Is there recommended specs somewhere? Gonna go look now.

      My main concern is being able to play with keyboard and mouse effortlessly.
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        Yup, your Eternium profile is cross-platform with a Making Fun account.


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          Excellent! Thank you Travis


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            Note that you're logging in with your Making Fun account on pc, not your Google Play account - unless you happened to use the same email and password.

            Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

            Eternium Guides:(I'm no longer updating any of the above, feel free to use anything there and make updated versions, for them - if you wish)