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Morgenheim vs TBD by slow greedy warrior

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  • Morgenheim vs TBD by slow greedy warrior

    Small, but detailed summary. I made 15 runs of each, killing everything, picking every chest and Ad box. Sometimes had to return left or right or a little back to them after killing mobs.
    Fleet footed+2302% gold. Want to run either Catacombs and SoA in a few days. Hope would be useful.
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    Thank you for contributing this data!


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      Thank you for kind words
      And I'm planning to make full EG set for my forgotten mage too to run again to compare results.
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        I did 23 runs full clear with my BH gold+XP set and got around 1.8-2mil gold with 1 booster... and I also watch the ads...
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          Has anyone done a comparison of Morgenheim vs. Drakenmoor Catacombs?
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            To be said, I did runs of Morgenheim again but this time killed almost but not all mobs and picked only nearest chests and the difference is below. 23 runs in a half hour buff and ~1,74m gold.
            Total less: gold by 0,5%, essences by ~ 5%, stones by ~ 5,9%, iron bar by ~10%, silver ore by ~30%.
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