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Collecting gold at end of level...wasting time?

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  • Collecting gold at end of level...wasting time?

    I've been running Morgenheim on Legendary for gold/crafting mats. My question is, do I have to wait all the way until the gold amount in bottom right of screen turns green to get all my gold? Is it a waste of time (when running bonus) to wait that long? Is there a better way? I just feel like I waste a good 4-6 seconds at the end of every map waiting for those last few coins to collect and I can't determine if it is worth waiting all the way until it turns green to exit the level.

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    Once the gold has touched your character, it has been collected.
    If it is currently flying from your character to the bottom right, you can leave.
    If it is still flying to your character from the level, then you cannot leave and still get the gold.
    I would say it's worth it to wait a bit unless the gold is from 1 or 2 chests that you just opened.
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