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    Coda So what is your opinion on farming trial 42? With a bounty hunter I can clear the map in around 50 seconds and I'm guaranteed three epics or higher. I can farm trial 80 and it takes me three times as long, but you don't get three times as many essences with the legendary as opposed to the epic. I'm no statistician but after 14 runs @ <1 minute each I got 2,847 lesser essences. It takes me longer than a minute to clear Morgenheim or the Catacombs and I don't think I get that many essences. Most of the gear I get on those maps is common grey gear.


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      Arawn you could spend a few minutes and estimate your own situation.

      Use the data from UmbraDei on Essences per each type of gear. Don't forget to adjust it with your own Crafting Mastery Perks.

      Then, your own rate of Essences per minute should be able to be estimated from the time to complete the Trial, and the # of gears (always 3) and the quality of those gears, times the predicted/average Essences per each.

      I was actually thinking about making a little spreadsheet calculator to do all this.

      However, my personal interest is in long term sustainable farming to make C.Orbs. That means MoTs as well as Essences, and that means Trials in the 90s to get Set/Unique gears. I am working on which Trial is optimum, on average to get approximately the desired ratio of 300:1.

      But, the best answer (most optimum use of time) might be: run "X" map for Essences (maybe 4-47, maybe a middle # Trial as you wondered), and then separately run "Y" map (Trial high 80's up to 100) for MoTs.

      Currently, it seems like I am one of only a few players collecting data in this methodical fashion, analyzing it, and posting results. If many others were doing so, then "we" would find out the answers faster.

      ​​​​​​​I posted a link to a spreadsheet that facilitates the analysis. I have been expanding the capability based on my own needs and could update the file in the cloud. It does require an understanding of spreadsheets and to some degree, statistics. It's not a dummy-proof app that is built to be extremely user-friendly. But it gets the job done. Maybe there is an Excel whiz out there that would collaborate on making it better.

      When I have time to continue my own analysis I will continue to share.
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        Originally posted by Coda View Post
        I posted a link to a spreadsheet that facilitates the analysis.
        Coda, where is the link? I am having trouble locating it. I can add my own data, but I have always been hesitant to do so since I only play mobile and I know a lot of players play PC, so I'm not sure how relevant my data would be for them...


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          Arawn the only thing mobile does is slow you down. Recording drops from mobile gameplay shouldn't skew any data for us; completion time only affects you, and whether farming x trial or location is worth it for you.

          Pretty sure Coda means the spreadsheet from the "here" link on this thread, first post:
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            ^^ this ^^
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              Arawn if a person uses their own same build, same play style, etc. and does a comparison, they are comparing only to themselves and the conclusions will be valid.

              If instead we try to compare one person's results with another's, then we need to use "per run" or "per gear" data, rather than "per time" data. Then, we don't get skewed conclusions from you run faster or slower, have more or less CLs, play mobile or PC.

              We do still need to try to keep the "style" similar. If you Zerg to the boss but I do a full clear, even "per run" data will not be comparable. In that case, "per gear" data would be the only thing we could use and that would only apply to salvaged resources.
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                Gotcha. I'll share any useful data I collect


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                  For Morgenheim, the side chests almost always are only gray items. Better to skip them. Kill everything you can without slowing, but don't bother with the chests.

                  I did 40 total runs, first 30 with mostly no chests, took 20:14, last 10 collecting most chests that weren't too far out of the way. Took just under 10 minutes. Both cases waiting for the gold at the end. Gear collected:
                  Time Green Blue Purple Gray
                  No Chests 40.467 3.533 5.833 0.033 0.433
                  Chests 58.600 4.636 6.727 0.182 4.182
                  No Chests Per Minute 5.239 8.649 0.049 0.643
                  Chests 4.747 6.888 0.186 4.282
                  In total, there were only 3 purple items, so those numbers don't mean anything. I didn't note any set/unique items, but I didn't get any MoT so it couldn't have been many.

                  Also, for about the first 10 minutes, I was hitting the one chest right by the ramp between the first two rooms. In the first 13 runs I got 12 gray items. From 14-30 I got 1. I also ran the map a few times at each difficulty, waiting until the end to collect those chests. I didn't actually record the data, but overwhelming gray items. Probably more than 90%. I might do some more comprehensive testing later, but I think the chests are a waste.

                  All told I got just over 230 essences/minute at 7% salvage bonus. 1148% EG if that matters. I'm guessing I could add most of the kills around the chest locations while only adding a few seconds time to the total.


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                    Originally posted by Buppy View Post
                    For Morgenheim, ...
                    All told I got just over 230 essences/minute at 7% salvage bonus.
                    Agrees very nicely with the data I collected at around 250 per minute, depending on which # you focus on, but I have a higher ML/perk.
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                      Trial 92
                      ...multiple batches of runs
                      ...counts of Set/Unique vs. Normal

                      S/U vs. N
                      20 / 13 (from reply post above)
                      10 / 20 ... LOW!
                      13 / 14
                      17 / 4 ... HIGH!
                      20 / 13
                      19 / 16
                      17 / 10
                      17 / 16
                      15 / 18
                      148 / 124 ... 148÷272 = ~54.4% S/U

                      The 99% confidence interval is approximately 46.6% to 62.2%. In other words, we can't know for certain what is the actual or "true" drop rate of S/U items in Trial 92, but we can be fairly sure it is between this range. More data would allow for a tighter range. For example, if we had the above proportions from 10 times as much data, the 99% confidence interval would be roughly ~52 to ~57%.

                      Calculate it for your own data, here:
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                        MoT salvage data:

                        # of Set/Unique gears --> salvaged --> # of MoTs:
                        15 = 20
                        10 = 10
                        17 = 18
                        20 = 21
                        19 = 27
                        17 = 17

                        98 = 113

                        Crafting ML50 thus 25% chance to salvage double = 1.25X ... (113/1.25) / 98 = 0.92 "base" rate of MoTs per each piece of S/U gear. I think UmbraDei has more data on this someplace.

                        Running TL92:
                        • MoTs @ 53.6% S/U -- each run should yield ... 3 * 0.536 * 0.92 = 1.48 MoTs "base" rate
                        • Essences @ 85 lesser per piece of gear ... 3 * 85 (see OP of this thread) = 255 Es "base" rate
                        • Essence to MoT ratio = 255 / 1.48 = 172
                        Looking for a ratio of 300 to make one C.Orb, but also run daily quests (SoA), use 3 keys/day (Misty Isle), and speed run 4-47 (Morgenheim) for the stones -- all of which yield some Essences but no MoTs (or very very few). So, don't need a ratio of 300 from Trials; can get by with a lower ratio, meaning more MoTs and less Es -- so TL92 @ 172 MoT:E, might be about right or perhaps could run a little bit lower TL -- raising the ratio a little bit more towards 300. However running a lower TL there would be a trade-off of decrease in XP, 5% per level.
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                          Trial 97:

                          S/U vs. N
                          16 / 11
                          16 / 11 ... 16÷27 = 59.3%
                          ... with 99% confidence interval of 35.0 to 83.7

                          16 --> 25
                          (25/1.25)/16 = 1.25 MoTs "base" rate per each piece of S/U gear

                          ...or add this to the above... 114 --> 138 ... (138/1.25)/114 = 0.97 MoTs per S/U "base" rate
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                            Is there any layouts of maps and what's in them? Haven't ran story in a long time and I keep thinking there is a fairly quick level with 3 giant chest at the end. Would like to do some runs to see what chest contain if anything different.


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                              andrewcb88 in Act II:

                              The Levanian Jungle (2-23) is relatively short and linear, and has 3 "free" chests at the end.

                              The Temple (2-29) has 3 at the end, another near the end (north wall) and several others if you take the time to roam. The two in the room to the south of the main/direct path just after you enter the final chamber aren't very far out of the way.
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                                Here's the "MoT per S/U gear" data I was referring to above:

                                Originally posted by UmbraDei View Post
                                • The number of MoT received in the first batch (1.3.31) averaged 1.0625 with standard deviation 0.6967
                                • The number of MoT received in the second batch averaged 0.9583 with standard deviation 0.6510
                                • There were 22 times 2 MoT, 53 times 1, and 21 times none
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