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How I balance my stats?

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  • How I balance my stats?

    Of course we have the optimizer from the great players here but I just recently spend time in forums so I didn't know such optimizer exist and the spread sheets that these awesome community come up with. So what did I use to balance my CL Points?

    I use the brilliant gemstone information as shown in the attchment. So basically, based on the SS, I will gain more DPS if I socket my gear with ruby. So I will allocate my succeeding CL points to power. Adding more AS will still give me 1%, but to maximize output, invest on power, 1.3%.
    Attached Files
    Mobile Player Only
    Carlisle (EM - 132)
    Eijol (DW - 120)
    Ratot (BH - 120)

    Dyoma Crown (372)
    Altheo (AM - 122)

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    I swap around brilliants in sockets to see if the minor bumps push me over when I'm close.

    In the mean time, I'm working on upgrading gear and focusing on CR and CD. I'm waiting until the optimizer tell me to put the champion point into Power instead of CR/CD.