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Do the devs see it as a problem that non-set gear is basically worthless after level 70?

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  • Do the devs see it as a problem that non-set gear is basically worthless after level 70?

    The sets are so powerful that non-set gear doesn't compete As soon as you get a full set, all non-set gear is salvage fodder. Am I wrong?

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    One of the major problems with the new crafting system is that endgame is essentially celestials>set items>legendaries. So why would anyone craft a non-set legendary? And when devs talk about wanting to let people craft end game gear, they can't because you can't craft celestials. So I agree, this whole thing needs rethinking.


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      There is a progression. At first, you're happy to get Uncommon gear when all you have is Common. Then, you're looking for Rare, then Epic. Then, Legendary. Somewhere in there, you're probably getting non-Legendary Set gear and comparing it to Legendary non-Set gear. Some of those decisions are harder because some bonuses/procs show up in the displayed stats and some do not.

      After you get full set(s) of Legendary Set gear, it might be "which set". Warriors arguably have the most complexity here, then BH, then Mage.

      Next, you're looking at which stats, and levels of those stats, and specifically tuned combinations of stats.

      Then, you're going to believe that either custom-box-made Legendary gear, or the very rare dropped piece of gear from TL90+, of the type you want, with the stats you want, at the levels you want, is the bare minimum and anything else besides that is "worthless".

      Finally, for your trial pusher, you'll settle for nothing less than Celestial gear.

      And then you'll be making Celestial Orbs until every stat on every piece of Celestial gear has perfect stats.

      I personally think the Devs designed the progression pretty well. There are opportunities for improvement, for sure, and with the very new crafting system having just gone live, everyone is posting here about those ideas.

      Just my two cents.

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        The structure isnt bad, but the time spent in each tier is skewed. By the time you hit lvl 70 you should be all legendary and epic (about 7-10 days). Another 2 weeks and you are all legendary. At that point the marginal benefit you get for crafting legendary isn't worth the cost in comparison to crafting sets. And at that point of play will you have the resources to craft either? Especially if you've been crafting stuff to unlock the higher rarities? Will you want to craft a legendary that might switch one stat to a better one or save up to craft a set piece? It just strikes me that players won't spend much time on those lower tiers, and with the cost to make the better stuff, they just won't do it.


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          I don't really get it.
          i haven't had an issue unlocking legendaries. Especially in the set items I focused on.

          Why would you spend time on the lower tiers, or the non set items in play even before the crafting?
          All this did was make it more avaliable to everyone and people seem unhappy.
          But still want to produce MORE end game like stuff by making celestials.

          Would you have felt it was better to actually done something like make robes and then have the set bonus as something like an enchantment?
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            Hmm, well I'm CL 616, TL only 82. I'm crafting level 32. My TL pusher is missing a piece of legendary gear from the perferred set after making one of the two missing ones that were only epic. All of them need stat switchouts and bumps. The 2nd level set is evn worse with epics. My gold runner is same class and wearing mostly epic, hodge podge of set with gold attribute.

            After crafting one legendary set item and some basic legendary items i have lots of salvage runs to do.

            My three other champions are warriors and two mages. The one I sometimes play hasnt completed normal story mode, should be able and is on TL45. Gear is poo. Same with the other mage. Warrior too. The reality is my other four are more like champion level sub100.

            ​​​​​​They have a lot of grinding to get gear, but theyre 40 TLs from decent drops and that will be with eight minute runs for a while. Completing story more will help but theyre not tough enough to complete legendary story more.

            ​​​​​So grind, farm, craft Epic level gear to buff them and slow the rush for my pusher or play my farmer until my hand falls off to get the essence to finih grinding craft level 50

            Or continue ~3minute rushing a lower level TL65 getting 2/3 junk legendary drop with one in ten named piece for salvaging.

            Dont know what level you call this pre end gane, mid level. not sure if crafting matters or if its just Waiting on next ANB and grinding CLs. And by the time i grind CLs if gear drops will fill in.


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              A month ago, we could farm trials and hope for drops.

              Now we can farm trials, hope for drops, and repurpose all of our unwanted drops into enchants and gear with stats we get to choose. Might take a great deal of unwanted drops to get something good, but it is an option now.

              I like having more options.