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First impressions, very impressed! and feedback.

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  • First impressions, very impressed! and feedback.

    Hi All

    Just wanted to thank the developers for what appears to be an excellent game! free of the usual excessive annoying pop ups that seems to plague mobile games.

    Im a middle aged ultra casual gamer- i grew up with muds (yes muds), then after a long gap played WOW for a year or two but it took up too much of my time so ive been looking for an RPG that can be picked up easily for short periods of time but has potential depth.

    Ive tried a few mobile games, but they are either fun but incredibly shallow (dungeon quest) or you hit a 'paywall' incredibly early which is annoying

    Anyway feedback...(albeit it is very early days)

    The artwork is really good, cant fault that at all. And the monetization is not in your face too much, i breezed though to the second act without buying anything but the sword and im pretty sure i could have done without the sword.

    I like the idea of the companions, and they are nicely done. Crafting was a nice surprise, and it is a surprisingly mature system.

    Loved the never ending gauntlet challenge!!!

    I already think it is a really nice game, but if i was going to make suggestions it would be these

    1) It would be nice if we could see what equipment salvages into, or if there was a guide on what is and isnt worth salvaging.

    2) It would be great if we could equip companions, and add depth for (hopefully) not too much development time.

    3) I am assuming that once the story mode is finished it is all about trials. I am guessing it is a small development team, so your never going to be able to churn out new acts etc quickly enough for players. Could i suggest generated quests from mob drops which would add variety, and the big one:- Co-op?. An instanced area where 20 or 30 people of max level could take on a dungeon would be a huge huge thing (i totally understand it would probably be a lot of development.

    Anyway great game, best mobile game ive downloaded. Thanks

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    Originally posted by Trevor Wilson View Post

    1) It would be nice if we could see what equipment salvages into, or if there was a guide on what is and isnt worth salvaging.
    Well 2 and 3 are part of the long term plan. Just read on announcement page and it is there.

    For the specific item above, salvaging and crafting is pretty straight forward. If you use essense of air to get Haste attribute when crafting, you would yield that same essense salvaging items with haste plus the base material (cloth, leather or iron). Someone already posted the statistics on what to get. See below link.
    TL;DR - Greens, Blues, Purples and Legendaries give about 4, 21, 53 and 85 (Lesser) Essence on average when salvaged. We can use this info to accurately compare running Trials with running Morgenheim and other maps for Essence Farming This is an attempt at kicking our data collection in a higher gear. Coda has made a great
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      Originally posted by Trevor Wilson View Post
      3)...Could i suggest generated quests from mob drops which would add variety...
      Originally posted by Altheo 42 View Post
      Well 2 and 3 are part of the long term plan.
      This is actually in the shorter term (new questing system).


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        Good to hear there is development ongoing

        I think there is a huge amount of potential here, and i hope the game is getting support.

        I would guess the point at which story mode is finished is where a lot of players drop out though? i enjoyed the story mode- but have not felt a strong urge to carry on farming the same dungeon / trial level repeatedly.

        All games like this have grinding, i grew up with muds, where you would take weeks getting a set, and lose it all in a few minutes of intense pvp.

        But its excessively repetitive mid/end game here- i have spent the last 2 weeks farming for elbans sceptre, i finally get it and-- it is a downgrade to current random weapon...such an anti climax (mats seem very high for crafting)

        Personally i think co-op and a healer class would keep people more people interested.

        Having said that, it is far better than the other mobile games i have downloaded...and far less money hungry.. And from a business point of view im not sure mid/end game players are a good source of income, early game players probably are.

        In other words, we all know rpg games = grinding, but there are a few things that keep grinding interesting in my opinion

        1) variety or story
        2) competition
        3) equipping for co-op

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