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    years ago i made it
    somewhere at "Naga Hancur" (The Broken Dragon)
    Gathered properly then blast with Arc Lightning 10
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    Honest playin with Low end Pc
    Bronze ANB Charge-WW Dual Warrior: Trial 138

    New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


      Broken Dragon Map for me using Full Fury, WW, Leap, Charge. Got it while not even trying for the achievement, I was farming for gemstones.. LOL

      Originally posted by chessmaster58 View Post
      Now if i could just get through the last run of the Descent fast enough .... I can never memorize that map well enough to fly through it fast enough
      For the Descent there are 2 options as i see it:

      1. USe Full Fury warrior, Leap is crucial, use boots and pants with movement speed attributes, and the movement speed passives too. At the start dont go the usual route, go left then in the map you can see that you can leap upwards. That will save you huge amount of time, probably about 10 seconds. Then run and leap your way to the end of level. If there is delay you have to clear the mobs so they didnt go after you (this will delay the completion of the level), so Whirlwind as you go into the last part of the level or leap, i havent try this solution, but i think it is viable. This is what i think of later after i unlocked this achievement.

      2. This is how i did it. BH, assault gear with 70% speed boost, boots and pants with movement speed attributes, the key ability is smokescreen, passives: pathfinder and nimble fighter. Use smokescreen at the right time so the crowd dont go after you, i forgot the actual timing but I think it was at or after the last bridge where the skeleton spawned.You can use Elderan Coffee and enchant speed to your boots and pants too (when i achieve this i dont even know what elderan coffee is, and that you can enchant your gears LOL)..

      IMO, first solution is easier..
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        About option 2 with BH - it is better to use Smoke Screen at the end. It means, run straight to the last chest, kill mobs nearby and then cast Smoke Screen. When you cast Smoke Screen, portal to town spawns immediately and the level is completed. That is the fastest way I know.

      • Sleepy Dragon
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        That makes perfect sense.. I think casting smokescreen last is better

      Want the easiest way? Go to The Fiery Pits with a BH or warrior. Let your hero die MANY times, that way, the summoners can summon skeletons, and if there's merlok summoners the better because the summoned mobs are counted. If you think the map is very crowded (maybe 10 deaths is enough), attack! If you're using a warrior, use whirlwind! Achievement done
      EDIT: You can also do this using ELR mage with shatter.
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