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  • How Many Adverts Do You Watch A Day


    So I am curious, just how many adds to most people watch per day. I confess upfront that I do subscribe at the moment to the 100 gems per day deal.

    For me ad watching is on mobile on the bus to and from work.. so in that time probably not that many, maybe 20. Then I could have a distracted session in the evening for a few more ... but I am sure I have never watched close to 50 ads a day.

    Maybe I am not committed enough, but I would be interested to know, since obviously some people are at odds with the new 50 a day limit.

    To be honest, that could be to do with ad bots, or could be to do with the fact that there is not enough click throughs for Making Fun and there Ad revenue is being penalized.

    Anyway, to main question.. how much do you watch .. I am curious



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    I open every Ad box offered, since it does not affect game time, only real time.

    Some times of the day on some stories, I will get 5-6 per run, which is more than each Daily Quests, of course.

    On a typical evening, when I play all of my heroes, I will get 5 X 20 gems for dailies and probably another 100 gems from 20 Ad boxes. Of course, MANY boxes will open to a single gem, a piece of gear or a small amount of gold coins.

    My only modifier is when I have opened an Ad box and then a moment later find another, then I will wait to open it toward the end of the run. As opening them too soon almost ensures that you will not get another advertisement, while waiting for a minute seems to help.


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      Well, i ended Gold League with zero. Today I have 7162 gems. I have the 100 gem for 30 days, five heros doing quest and completed story mode (all three levels) with last event hero xferred out. That's under 200 gems per day in ad views. The first week, i did heavier viewing, then i just throttled back as I was burned out on ads.

      One part of me wants to see how quickly i can advance blowing gems on crates and gem, the other half wants to see how cheaply I can gain the first Celestial in the next ANB.

      Until the last day or two, mystery box drops were so.plentiful on a non-speed run trial, they were borderline disruptive always tapping at the blue ring
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        0 I play for fun and hate the ads lol


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          I bought the monthly gems package and then promptly turned off the ad boxes in my settings. I couldn't stand most of them, far too many 30 sec ones, and they always interrupted the game action. I play on mobile so still get mystery boxes when running story or trials. They drop the same gold, or gems, or gemstones, or gear as ad boxes without the nuisance and waste of time of having to watch the ads. Sometimes you may have to wait a few seconds if fighting is still ongoing, but I'm not as concerned about rushing through as fast as possible.
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            I honestly have never counted how many ads I watch when I play or kept track...


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              I usually play on PC for daily quests and 100 gems per day usually on the commuter rail to and from work. In between ANB events I will typically spend some time on mobile to build gems, but I usually just pick a less competitive level trial where I won't be tempted to play for any goal other than the ad box gems. I do not have the attention span to ad surf for more than about a half hour or so, and I doubt that I have ever opened more than 30-40 ads in a day.


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                In weekends, I get 300-500 gems from watching ad. In weekdays I don’t watch ads just focus on farming EXP, gold and crafting materials. I do spend money buying gems sometimes as support.


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                  50 a week?
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                    When I do my normal play, I don't watch any ad. When I "farm" gems for Events, I watch every ad I can get while I only run Story Mode. I watch Netflix or something in the same time. Somedays I come up to 100-200 ad's per day (mostly boring weekend days or when I only have to work 4hours a day)
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                      I hit maybe 15-20 ad boxes a day, but probably watch 5 max. Most of the time I put my phone down for a 30 second break.


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                        16 was the max. amount of ads that i have watched. On avg. i watch about 5-7 ads.
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                          I watch usually 0, but sometimes 5-15 ads/day if needed. I can not understand why people like ads in this game. Better to play in disadvantage imo.


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                            Originally posted by Yerasyl Amanbek View Post
                            I watch usually 0, but sometimes 5-15 ads/day if needed. I can not understand why people like ads in this game. Better to play in disadvantage imo.
                            You get gems for 'watching' ad's, which are the most important thing in Events, when you don't want to pay amounts of real cash
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                              As I seem to note from several comments, "watching" is not something that everyone does. I suppose there are those who ignore the Ad box; those who click on the box, but ignore the advertisement and those who click on the box and actually watch the Ad. :-) In any case, the last two scenarios should yield 5 gems on the mobile platforms...