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    Originally posted by lmcelhiney View Post
    As I seem to note from several comments, "watching" is not something that everyone does. I suppose there are those who ignore the Ad box; those who click on the box, but ignore the advertisement and those who click on the box and actually watch the Ad. :-) In any case, the last two scenarios should yield 5 gems on the mobile platforms...
    I must confess there is one ad I actually play, Empires and Puzzles I think it is, some sort of a match three - but it shows how effective it is that I am not even sure what it is ! Other than that, no, its "headphones off" look out of the window or do something else.


      Originally posted by Outlaw View Post
      When I do my normal play, I don't watch any ad. When I "farm" gems for Events, I watch every ad I can get while I only run Story Mode. I watch Netflix or something in the same time. Somedays I come up to 100-200 ad's per day (mostly boring weekend days or when I only have to work 4hours a day)
      For me it's much like the same. When playing seriously, I use Windows client, so no ads. In fact, I had never played on Android until ANB Silver kicked in and I realized I had nowhere near enough gems for coping with 3 ANB events in just over a month. Since then I have been farming ads on Android whenever I have some idle time, which is not everyday, so I'd say somedays I watch way more than 50 ads, and other days way fewer.


        I "watch" about 100-150 ads in a good day and about 70-90 in another days while watch something really interesting. Even this way I collect not enough gems for alltime boosters and other important things for even Gold league. Do not find interesting at all running ANB with total lack of gems.
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