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  • Deflect Rating Questions

    Ive got a few things I’m not clear on about Deflect Rating that I can’t find answers for and am hoping someone here can help.
    My Mage has close to a 10% chance to deflect 30%. I see that being level 70 the chance goes up/down 1% for every 250 points in deflect rating.
    But I’m not sure how or if the 30% damage reflected can be increased. I see in the patch notes that equipping a shield doubles what’s reflected (I think it said that) but after equipping a shield still had mine at 30%. One of the new spell books says it doubles the reflected damage, I’m thinking of buying the recipe, but I want to know first exactly what that means. I’d assume it does the same as equipping a shield is supposed to do, take my 30% up to 60%, but since that didn’t happen with the shield I’m not sure about the spell book either.
    The patch notes description on what gets reflected makes it sound like it doesn’t include melee attacks. Is that correct?
    it also says the amount reflected is based somehow on the coefficient of your power? I haven’t had a math class in years so that stumped me right off the bat, but it sounded like your Power stat has something to do with it. I changed my Power stat up and down with champion points though and no change ever changed either my chance to deflect or the 30% amount reflected.
    Anyone with a better understanding of how this all works that’s willing to take a little time to explain it better to me will be very appreciated.
    Thank you!

    BTW, I picked up the Staff for that set, a legendary version, during a trial and the spell book is currently being offered by my trader, so that’s why I’m curious. I think I’d rather have the other arcane weapons set, I found that staff too, but I haven’t come across the book yet. Either way I’d like to play around with both.

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    Maybe I’m not the only one confused?


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      I never bothered about this stats since I assume that it's not as useful as other stats that are available. Sorry can't help you out with this.
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        I’m confused on this as well. Do we need to add deflect as a stat on gear to get the benefit?


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          Looks like everyone is confused. Maybe someone from the dev team could answer this?


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            • Damage Reflect has been renamed to Deflect Rating. Deflection chance causes ranged, magic and area attacks to be partially absorbed, and the absorbed portion to be reflected back at the attacker, multiplied by the Hero’s Power coefficient. The reflected damage has regular critical strike chance and regular critical damage applies. The Deflect Rating to Deflection conversion is a linear function, causing 1% Deflection chance to be provided by 250 Deflect Rating at level 70 and 5 Deflect Rating at level 1. Characters using a shield deal 25% more deflect damage.
            So you take a hit for 10,000. You get lucky and deflect 30%, 3k damage. This 3k is modified by your Power (damage increased by x%), and has a chance to crit like your other attacks, including being modified by your CD%. On my CL 1950 Mage, this could be a 760k or so crit (before enemy damage reduction).

            Stacking DR, via complimentary gear/stats or passive utilities like Mage Armor, will intensify both your chance to Deflect, and the % deflected.

            With 50 guys attacking you, it may be useful (if you can soak the rest of the damage). Against a boss, with billions of health, it will be significantly less useful.

            Currently, an Arcane build with the corresponding armor and weapon sets, with Mage Armor, may be the best use of this mechanic, IF you are focused on herding big pulls and leveraging point-blank AoE using the set bonuses. It is possible something really cool could be done with stacking DR and the right spec/playstyle, but it would take a significant investment in gear to find out. Historically, retaliation-style builds encounter the same issue: the boss.

            Napkin math is telling me you could get to a 30-37% chance to Deflect 55% incoming damage with 100% investment in DR on all (Arcane sets) gear, but I could be wrong.

            I am unsure if all damage modifiers, like the Arcanist 70% more damage to target, or the buff from Time Warp, will affect your deflects, but I see no reason why not. I also do not know if the weapon set 100% more damage is added to your power modifier, or if it affects the damage output pre-power. Similarly, I do not know if you Deflect before or after dodge/parry/block, Armor, or other effects, like Shards of Frozen Time from Arcanist 6.

            If DR kicks in first, and reflects un-reduced incoming damage, there is potential. If not, it is not worth experimenting with at all, IMO, except as a novelty build for speed farming entire maps of easy content.
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              I'd like clarification on absorbed. If the attack is say 10,000 pts but you deflect 30% (3000pts) and it's 'absorbed' and redirected back, do you take 10,000 damage or 7000 damage?


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                the absorbed portion does not hurt the player. The understanding is that DR applies before all other kinds of DR. Otherwise as Trouble said, it would be entirely worthless. Only thing I'm not sure about Trouble's reply was how did you get to deflect 55% incoming damage? I thought that 30% is static. Stacking DR simply increases the % to trigger DR. I will admit that I haven't carefully looked over all mage skills/passives.

                That shield user 25% more deflect damage, as I read it, simply means a 25% buff on the outputted damage. Not an increase to the % absorbed. But increase to the % absorb would make more sense for a shield user given how much a player gives up when using a shield (1.3x AS, damage range increase by tome)
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                  Absorb stays at 30% (maybe???!!!!) , Deflected damage gets a 25% buff from Mage Armor (making it the same as shield).

                  This is why I want details on what happens in what order. Are we adding 25% to the 30%, or taking 30% x 1.25?
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                    I think the second version. So if you use mage armor passive as well as a shield, you get 50% buff on the reflect dmg. But absorption and the base stays at 30%
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                      To make it simple, your question is if Deflect Rating worth investing?

                      first, It cannot be one of your primary source of DPS, mobs/bosses attacks too slow. Most Mages has Freeze status and Time Warp.
                      Boss/mobs only hits of a couple of million of damage at most, plus you only reflect 30-55% of it. your Hero's attack and spells deals billions of DPS.

                      It can sometimes save you from getting 1-hit from high trial bosses, just be lucky to have 8% base deflect rating.

                      I would say no.