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  • shadow sees problem

    doubt this is supposed to be here... mabey i is wrong

    -mobile play only-
    bh stalker- Makina "corpse princess" - 115
    mage ELR- Shadowiiix - 111
    warrior sw- Sabre - trial 135
    mobile assault build- Xiiift - 123
    mobile arcanist build- Shadowiiix - trial 133

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    It's possible for new accounts
    Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

    Eternium Guides:


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      I played with one on my very first ANB character. Also, an Ironbound cape
      None of them proved to be of any significant benefit, as I was just starting to learn the game basics.


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        Well, maybe you didn't use to your full advantage at that time, but it's still a huge advantage to have such a weapon to reach lvl70 and even low-mid trials !

        Is it legal or is it a bug that they will be penalized for exploiting ?


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          AFAIK it is perfectly legal. As long as you are running a new account, you'll be given the option to buy Stormgun/Stormblade/Skybreaker depending on your hero class, it shouldn't matter if it's an event hero or a main account one, as you are buying it with real money, not in-game currency. Yes, it is quite comfortable not needing to look for a new weapon every couple levels. It is also very comfortable (AND time-saving) not needing to farm for gold, gems and books of learning, all you need to do for that is buying a Titan Pack. If you think about it, it's the same thing.
          Those players who are willing to invest some real money in the game will naturally get some advantages in return, and that's fair game. They are paying so the rest of us get to play the game for free.

          You are totally welcome to create a new account and do the same, but there IS a drawback - you won't have access to your accumulated gems over time.
          By the way, Toph was my second favorite character in 'The Last Airbender', right after Iroh.
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