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    Well, my daughter and I both cleared Trial 90 with plenty to spare, but that's where we will stop. Not really into climbing the leaderboard, just want the Celestial Box. A little disappointed on the need to use the Jewelry Boxes - was hoping to transfer those over to the main account.

    All in all, this ANB was harder, slightly more fulfilling, but not without its downsides. I think we each spent more gems than we wanted, but we'll refill those with dailies before the next one. Hopefully the jewelry situation will either be corrected, or at least clarified for Silver.

    We both used Warriors. She was worse off than me, I could at least craft missing Juggernaut set pieces, and had far more gems then she did, where she could not because she doesn't have all the recipes. But it all worked out in the end. I think we were 5 ranks away from each other when we cleared 90.
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    If you still have plenty of time to spare, why not shoot for TL100 to get the second celestial?


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      Good for you. Meeting your goal and getting to share it with your daughter!


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        I'm too casual to try for 100. Maybe I could get there, but it would take some gear farming at this point. The gear I/we have is not sufficient. All in all, we're happy with what we have.


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          I second the suggestion above. Since you already did trial 90 and still have some time to spare, try a few more levels. If you can get to 100, nice bonus! If you do not, al least you'll carry a few more Champion levels to your main account.


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            I am the third You could reach 100 in blue Defender set and BA mace with AR+VIT at ~650 CL if you'll suddenly wish to farm few resources for its craft.
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              I've gotten bored, and have started trying to get to TL100. Here is a vid of me smashing TL85 trying to farm gear... Any advice? I still can't get past Trial 91+.


              Apologies for the DropBox, but the vid is 292 MB, and imagur doesn't seem to accept it.

              Edit: Trial 100 eviscerated with 3 mins to spare.
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