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CL 1942 - in a 12 hour timeframe?

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  • CL 1942 - in a 12 hour timeframe?

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    Can anyone explain to me, how the heck this is possible? CL 1900+ in a 12h timeframe, beginning at character level 1. I pushed my ANB toon as hard as I could, and I now achieved CL 220 with about 4 hours left to play. But, my main characters are on CL 890, so I know just how hard it is to gain another level even 1000 levels BELOW.

    So, please explain - what am I doing wrong? I find this kind of frustrating because I can't help but to have the feeling that cheating has something to do with this.

    The above image in a larger version:
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    So I am not sure how legit this is as 1900CL is one hell of a feat. However, I have 4 hours play time left and currently I am sat at 950CL. Not sure how I would do 1k more CL. My current set up is 1300XP boost, running Assult Set and decent jewelry and both Celestial Boxes. Currently just farming TL80-100. Trying anything to get a set item to drop, hardly had any in the 100+ runs I have done.


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      Current state of affairs. Click image for larger version

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        So after just doing an hour of play, I managed to gain around 100CL. So 1900 does seem doable if you have exp at 2000%.


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          Running 200% xp boosters from the beginning. Buying material boxes and crafting gear with xp all the way. Crafting rings with XP using gems while getting to lvl 70. Probably clearing times of <2m in Trials 90+ at a certain point. It's feasible.


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            Yeah, I ran 2638% boosted XP and made CL 1600, even going slow while initially leveling, and farming TBD for an hour. Once you can do trial 100 in less than three minutes, the XP comes fast. I saw one person clearing t100 in 1:45 or so by the time I started pushing (BH LB).


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              Yes absolutely doable.


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                I used cheap (er) 50 and 100% boosters early on and only the 4 free 200% once I hit trial 100, and didn't use high XP jewellery. I made it to CL 1300 with about 2.5 hours left (at which point I stopped using boosters) to try to push a bit. I also wasn't particularly maxed but could do trial 100 in a little over 2 minutes at that stage.

                If I'd used the ephemerals early (instead of late) I reckon I could have made 1500.

                ​​So yeah, doable.


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                  Regalia set made it easy for it. the skill set for the build is already available at early levels, so you get to upgrade them right away. use ephemerials to fill in missing armor pieces.
                  as soon as you can reach TL100, you just stay there with boosters until you have like 1 hour left on ANB timer.