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    Has anyone tried this out? It looks like it has potential, but I'm doubtful it could compete at high levels. Which armor set would you use? Skills? Stat distribution? I think I'll be working on this, but collecting the gear could be time to consuming.
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    I'm just here to say good luck!


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      so, my son says 'guck', instead of yuck and so when we see things here at the nursery that are bad or icky, we say guck... right now, Radz thinks deflect is 'guck' i would listen to radz, if i was you...

      deflect and some of those minor abilities may become more relevant in future updates
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        Someone actually has (can't remember who) and failed miserably


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          Thanks! Maybe ill give up on it for now. Apparently deflect only deflects ranged attacks as well? That kinda makes it easy worse.
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            No, Deflect have been redesigned to do that "purple/red" lightning thingy, to indicate that the damage was dealt back to the mob.

            If you're playing Warrior and see the white "Deflect" word appear, that's actually a Parry of a Range attack - as per Red on Discord, I know, confusing...
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