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Gold Event Leaderboard Rankings & Balance patch

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    Gold Event Leaderboard Rankings & Balance patch

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    Gold Event Leaderboard Rankings

    I have said it once before.
    After the balance patch
    Wizard >>>>>>>>>>> warrior >>>> bounty hunter

    * All leaderboard rankings Top Ten
    Mage - 7 members
    Warrior - 3 members

    * Number of users up to 40
    Mage - 23 members
    Warrior - 11 members
    bounty hunter - 6 members

    * Highest Trial Level by Occupation
    Mage - Trial Level 143
    Warrior - Trial Level 138
    bounty hunter - Trial Level 134

    The balance patch seems to be wrong.
    Is it a patch for Mage?


    Hunter buff please.
    After the balance patch, the hunter is useless.
    It is nerf but it is too serious.
    It's too garbage compared to other characters.

    The Assault 4 set option is not as good as the other set.
    It is similar to an adventurer set. Nobody wants an adventurer set option.
    No rankers play in adventure sets.

    havoc set and stalker set gloves have additional options.
    Why does assault set gloves have no additional options?

    Needless to say, havoc sets and stalker sets.
    It is not much better than an assault set.

    Hunter is a character in a guerrilla battle.
    Hunters can not battue (mass kill) like mage and warrior.
    This makes it difficult to clear the trial level within the time limit.

    Overall, all the sets are messy and inefficient.
    It is not efficient to mass kill with havoc set.
    Playing mages and warriors is more beneficial to mental health than hunting with Havoc sets.

    mage and warrior have a basic attack skill that increases attack speed.
    mage - Arc lightning (for 18 seconds)
    Warrior - Frenzy (for 18 seconds)

    Compared to Hunter, mage and warrior are relatively free to haste limitations.
    But Hunter does not.
    The importance of Haste increased after the balance patch.
    The base attack rate is lower than other occupation groups.
    Hunter does not have a basic attack skill that increases attack speed
    There is a difficulty in adding haste.

    This is one reason Hunter is weak.
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    Yes we BH’s feel your pain! Full Assault is the best set and to me it seems like all chars are easier to get to TL100 but by far the BH got the short end of the stick!
    I was hoping to be able to use a combo of sets but as usual their is really only one rubber stamp combo that is used....
    Still absorbing most of my free time so ya I will keep playing!


      BHs had enjoyed their good times XD
      For Gold And Glory


        Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just learned how to craft the full Havoc set for my BH. So back to the mage that I just fired to make a position for. another BH to take advantage of being able to create a set early in life, say at age 20, rather than waiting til you are 70. Really take advantage of going through life's story and getting my allowance sooner. 10 GEMS x 52 weeks x 3 years of education = 1560 and get my arts and crafts supplies restocked.
        But first at five, you need to walk much faster.

        Garrison St George 688

        On my first smartphone
        The salesperson "This phone does everything".
        My only question was "Does it ring and can answer it?"
        As it turned out, not one normal ring tone.
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          Plus, all of those Warriors are single wield warriors using Blackguard's Armaments with Defender set gear. Only 5 dual wield Bleed Warriors in the top 100 on the Warrior Leaderboard; we could use more balance there as well!!

          I played a Havoc gear BH with Igniters Pistol set in Bronze 2. It sounded good on paper, and it is fun to play. Unfortunately, the burn effects cannot compete with Assault gear Rapid Fire bonus even my Stalker BH seems outclassed by the Assault gear set now. Need to buff up the burn!

          I played Mage in Silver2 and Gold2. So far, this is the easiest pathway to TL100 right now. Granted it is difficult to medal with so many hopping on the Mage bandwagon, but if you just want the two Celestial boxes Mage is your best bet. But even then, it would be nice to seem some diversity of gears on the leaderboard aside from the endless Grand Magister Regalia set ups...
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            Guys ,think about warriors, BH has a glorious past, zhe warriors? nothing!!!!!


              Originally posted by techizhong View Post
              Guys ,think about warriors, BH has a glorious past, zhe warriors? nothing!!!!!
              What happened to the once dominant Apprentice mage will happen again to BH Assault and whatever Warrior is dominant, Defender? Sic transit gloria Eternium.
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