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Assault vs. Stalker gear for BH

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  • Assault vs. Stalker gear for BH

    I see may of Top 20 players switching from Assault set to Stalker set with Malice and Ill guns instead of Ion and Pulse.

    I've crafted 2 sets of lv. 72-73 on each pieces + lv. 73 of each of the 4 weapons and i've ran a few tests with both, of course, by switching the skills properly to adapt to each set.

    I simply don't get it... Lv. 100 trial i complete it in 1'25" with Assault set while with the Stalker set in 1'50". All the abilities are maxed.

    So why in a hell I've wasted a lot of Greater essences + 15 mil
    Gold to craft the Stalker variant like all the top players if it returns a longer completion time?!

    By the way, i've balanced ALL the stats of each piece of the two sets to be almost equal or not more than 5% difference (Ex: Haste with Assault gives me 8.0 hits and the same with Stalker, Ability reduction with Assault is 55% and 54% with Stalker and so on)

    So, please, advice and bring me some enlightening WHY people now prefer Stalker over Assault....?!

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    For myself I use the top players as a guide in reference to their builds and stats...but ultimately I choose my build based on what I enjoy playing at the moment....and one that works for me. The build and gear do not make you great...the time, effort, and tweaking your build as you get stronger makes you a better player...Have patience try new toons experiment to find what you like best and have fun...Happy Grinding!
    PS. ...I am enjoying my havoc build!
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      Assault clears many weaker mobs much faster, and was a better spec, overall, before 1.4.

      Stalker now works better for pushing high trials. The poison spam you can maintain, especially when using Scatter Shot to max poison stacks in one hit, is quite impressive.
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        At very high TLs, killing boss is a royal pain in 'you know where'. Stalker buff gave it an edge for single target. It's not bad at clearing mobs (Assault is better here) but its the DoT offered by Stalker that makes it 1st choice at high TLs