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So many bugs... I'm done

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    I'm out If he's out..

    That show how important is Nhat

    Should I say he' s the last fort? Well there must be somethin really bad If he's out

    Thank you


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      TheExorcist You have no idea. If the remarks of Nhat started out as a major gut punch then seeing a reaction from an individual like yourself is just a grab at the reproductive organs. Having others like yourself say that you would leave also is understandable but still stunning. I am right there with you RockDoc as I would prefer to not say how much I have spent here but suffice it to say that I definitely feel that I have paid more than my share.

      The loss of the very active participation of Nhat even if he does decide to hang at the fringes to just play or decrease his contributions would be a huge loss at any time. Him making this change known right here, right now during all that is going on is sending shockwaves, not just ripples, through others that are the core of this community and those that support the game with time, energy and hard currency.

      Him saying what he did when everything was bright and sunny would still be a huge loss and one that would make many sorrowful. During the current circumstances ...


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        i'm sad of losing many good friends (even though never met each one of them)

        there's a bunch of games out there. But here (in eternium) so special

        gaming & good community


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          Honestly I haven't minded the bugs that much. I still love ANB. The fact that everyone has rare rings instead of legendary at least give us a more level playing field. I'm a software developer so maybe I'm more lenient than most, coding an entire game with a small team is really hard. It would be nice for them to keep trying to improve and do better but my expectations aren't that high I guess. I think if they could communicate effectively what they are doing and that they ar sorry and working hard that would make us all feel better, I think thats one of the main issues. Ill still give them the benefit of the doubt for now! But yeah, repeated bugs, miscommunications and no official word on some things can be frustrating.
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            When I saw the sig change I thought “This can’t mean he is quitting? He just don’t want to further maintain these files, is all? Please tell me so?”

            It is a tremendous loss for the player community. Alas, his stance is perfectly understandable. Let’s hope this will be seen as it must be: a blazing and blaring red alert.

            My sympathies to you, Nhat. I hope you are not to saddened by this, after all, it’s just a game.

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              Terranisaur You hit the nail right on the head. The bugs are basically just a nuisance, except the no gems from ads for those that don't have a large stash. That not a word has been said when during a normal day Travis is such a presence is what is causing this whole situation to spiral.

              I am in no way trying to throw Travis under a bus. Travis is great. I have been right there saying there is probably a reasonable excuse for his absence as he could just be on vacation for goodness sake. The developers not say a word? All the developers not saying a single thing? There is the spiral.


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                LodWig He clearly says that he might hang around. That he will completely leave seems up in the air. Maintain all that he has developed must be a huge commitment. I understand wanting to stop. I was right there with you. I must have seen the signature just after he changed it and well before his remarks here. I thought we was just pulling back on maintaining his huge knowledge base.