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Lowest PC specs for Eternium

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    Lowest PC specs for Eternium

    For all PC users there, can u share your PC specs u'r using to play Eternium? I'm collecting data on which PC specs (the lowest) that can run Eternium comfortably.
    "...Mobile xx(only)xx also.. (Samsung Galaxy J6)..."

    Lemme see..

    How low you want it to be?

    ​​​​​​Mine..Super low

    2010 (optiplex 780 -My Dad office) PC

    Core 2 Duo Intel Q45/Q43 chipset

    I can't even update the graphic card from Intel official website anymore

    If playin sw or anythin

    Most important: INTERNET CONNECTION MUST BE GOOD. If not forget the rest imao. BAD LAG, PING ! VERY LOW fps AND WATEVER one of the neglected culprit is haywire internet-FOR LOW END PC

    many try to adjust this and that but forgot the internet connection!!!. I try this and that but still hv problem but when adjusting the Internet connection. EVERYTHING JUST FINE!!


    Then the rest:

    Everythin must be low except: Eternium Video Setting Distance

    1024 X 768 resolution..
    Sometime I used even lower 800x600

    Eternium video setting

    3D low or zero
    No weather
    Terrain low

    Audio everythin low
    no floating
    Resume auto attacking on
    Display frame I like it on

    Distance 120-150

    Lower than that monsters seems big hard to see everywhere thus not easy to do the pulling stuff etc

    i will add later

    ​​​​​​Good news:

    9 year old core 2 duo super low end pc can still play eternium at trial 130 etc ain't that awesome?
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    Honest playin with Low end Pc
    Nice Story Mode Indeed: Thank You
    Season Pack 2? start all over again? awesome!!!
    Let's play



      From the M$ Store listing.


        Originally posted by TheExorcist
        9 year old core 2 duo super low end pc can still play eternium at trial 130 etc ain't that awesome?
        Faithfully use an old device
        Mobile only player (exclusively Android)
        Main Mage Regalia - Pikasyt (pre patch TL 137)
        XP Arcanist Mage - Pikasyt (TL 85-90)
        Gold runner BH - Pickachu (TL 100)
        CUZE XUZE YIWO 5914


          Guess I finally need to upgrade my Windows NT box... :-)

          (Remember: Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows NT ==> Windows CEMENT!)


            Originally posted by Travis | Support Mgr. View Post

            From the M$ Store listing.
            I think Eternium is pretty playable with this specs with 4gb RAM.
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            "...Mobile xx(only)xx also.. (Samsung Galaxy J6)..."