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Celestial Orb Blank When Using

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    Celestial Orb Blank When Using

    So, when using a Celestial Orb I am very used to seeing the screen look like:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CO Typical.png
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    So, this is the first time the screen came up like:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CO Current.png
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    I assume this means that all the values for the item are already at maximum. Am I barking up the right tree or this this something buggy?

    I have never actually used a Celestial Orb. I only use it to check value ranges.

    I guess this means that only values that can be increased are shown.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    ManTin! Its because you are to good. You dont need that stuff. Its the game itself telling you that!


      Just to add:
      It doesn't necessarily mean all stats are at maximum.
      A CO can't maximize a stat if it is already near-maximum.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	co.JPG
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Name:	craft.JPG
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      • Jose Sarmento
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        Are you sure? His example shows a CO allowing a mere 0.3 points increase...

      • Cyraph
        Cyraph commented
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        I made a quick check and took screenshots.
        It's still there, but afair the margin was larger once.
        Had to craft quite a few items to get one with a near-perfect "excellent".

      Tin, I was looking to ressurrect that old thread where we asked people to input CO values so we could determine the appropriate ranges for L71-75, only I can't remember where it is. Want to use the same method now to establish the new L76-77 ranges.

      (must be getting old, or otherwise overwhelmed)
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