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    @everyone, are these Forums not for this exact reason? Surely they are to both compliment and complain. This is in the hope that the game devs will listen to people. Also as a business, if 600+ people suddenly leave the game, I would want to know why and I think that is what Bart the warrior is rightfully doing here.

    it is understandable to have a comment like this at the moment. This will hopefully enact some positive change. Then maybe the game won't lose vast quantities of players. Or maybe they don't care, this is a business after all and as long as the cash rolls in then all is gravy. Once the cash dries up, they move onto the next endeavour.

    No game is meant to last forever. Online gaming has kinda destroyed the gaming world to some degree. Pre-onljne games were so thought out, had exceptional story lines and multiple paths to follow to complete it. Something I miss dearly and I still play games from the 90's just to get my fix. So maybe that is the problem, online games are limited because you can't please everyone and changes can always be made. Before, a game was a game and that was it. Like it or lump it. Some were good and some were terrible.


      It is interesting that some folks choose to write a message to the Developers, but post it to a public member forum. This is why there are opportunities to do Private Messaging.
      A possible reason is to make the comment and warn others. No warning is needed - we all are in this together...

      I do not use Discord on any regular basis and certainly spent no time on this Forum during ANB Gold, so I was unaware of any "promise/non-promise". I am sorry that many are disappointed that they didn't have the opportunity to finish where they wanted. Overall, I believe that the changes to the TL and Boss difficulty would have resulted in a lower success for for me in any case.

      I believe that there are many decisions which need to be made on a short turnaround with a Worldwide online game. No snapshot at a given point can give the totality of information necessary to make the "best" decision. When mistakes have been made, damage control has been initiated and then there have been efforts to clean up the mess left behind. Not everyone will be happy with the decisions or the cleanup.

      No one is forced to play this game and no one is forced to spend actual money or extra in-game resources. We do this because we want to do so.

      Personally, I play Eternium because I enjoy the entertainment and do not care about the rest.


        Not sure what all the fuss is about. Do you remember when you had to farm CoW over and over and over again to slowly accumulate CLs? Or when the only way to get gemstones to craft jewelry with was to purchase hundreds of gemstone packs? Or farming trial 200 so that one of the boss drops would be a legendary? Or waiting 24 hours for a useless item to be crafted (and never a set or named item at that)? Or the Summoner?

        This game isn't perfect but it has exponentially more options that are much more easily accessible and enjoyable now than it used to have.