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Base XP per story mob level? Is ANB XP buffing properly?

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    Base XP per story mob level? Is ANB XP buffing properly?

    Did a bunch of searches but can't seem to find the XP per mob for Toon levels 1-70. Validating XP buff is in effect.

    Running pauperish mode, curretly level 15-17, lightly equipped with XP gear (no trinkets, bracers) 200% Booster going for stat page XP of 651%. Restarted a couple times and noticing it still take 2 runs on TSM to level up. If its Elites in the mobs, then one run but not a full level as I end up less far thru the next level than I was in the prior.

    I know this happens but usually post level 50.

    I am not aware of anyone researching expected XP from running story board with a new hero. The reason being that most players run trials for XP instead of story board. Story maps are highly variable, but there are maps that are better for gaining XP because they contain a large number of mobs in a very small area. In the old days before the FendyBt2 videos on how to get your hero to level 70 as fast as possible by running mostly trials, people used to discuss which story maps are best. I tended to run TBD because it had more gemstone drops and could be run relatively quickly, but others preferred to run Canyon of Whispers (map 20) killing only the mobs near the beginning then dropping out. Not sure that works as well with the new event timer penalty which takes away time if you run less than 30 seconds in a map.

    There was also a lot of discussion about skipping the boss fights because the XP from boss kills was not worth the extra time needed to bring down the boss. In the old days, you could not craft gear and collecting gold had no real value, so it made more sense to skip the boss fights when running XP. With the new crafting system, however, most people want the gold and materials from the boss kills for crafting gear, so most players today don't skip the boss fights.

    The bottom line is that XP is awarded each time you make a kill, so you will get the most XP when there are lots of enemies packed more closely together (especially elite enemies). I could be wrong, but it feels like I get more XP from really spectacular kills, like wiping out huge mobs with heatseeker missles, Shockwave, or Frost Beam attacks (but that could be juist because of the large number of kills). That is why later trials in the 90-100 range offer the fastest route to building XP since the mobs are packed in more tightly. Anytime you are moving through empty space on a map, you are not gaining any XP.

    FYI, the easiest way to validate the XP bonus during an event is to remove all of your gear and check your stats sheet. It should show just the amount of XP and/or XG bonus from the event. If you are running any XP booster, you need to subtract that amount from the XP stat. My hero is showing 100% XP boost, but no extra gold boost from this event.
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      No event buff to XP or Gold is ever shown on the stats sheet. 100% XP only means you are receiving the normal experience amount before the buff, and similarly (but a little bit confusingly), 0% Extra Gold means your are not receiving more than the normal Gold amount, again before the buff. (The term Extra is important here.)

    Yes, just working on trimming my under 30 to 70 number. I've seen people say they do it in 15 minutes. Up to level 50 I can gain roughly 10 levels per trial clear which takes me about 2.5 minutes. After 50 I slow down. I basically am one TL ahead of my level.. I need to slingshot a few past TL7 which requires patience or gem spend to up my attacks. Previously I've had faster leveling with TSM.
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      Basically, a level L hero killing a level L regular foe receives 3L experience points. The amount is higher if the foe's level is greater than the hero level, up to a difference of 7, which gives double amount: a level L hero killing a level (L+7) foe receives 6L experience points, but no more for killing a still higher level foe. Conversely, the amount is reduced if the foe's level is less than the hero level. For example, a level 70 hero receives only 1 experience point for killing a level 10 foe.

      Elites give about five time, and bosses twenty-five time, the amount given by regular foes. Summoned skeletons give about 1% of the amount given by regular foes.

      The amount is of course multiplied by the XP% stat. In story mode, it is also augmented according to the difficulty level (if I'm not mistaken, by a factor of 1.5 for the Heroic difficulty, and 2 for the Legendary difficulty), also under some circumstances, such as an event, or if the kill is done on Misty Island (double amount). In trial mode, the amount is augmented by 5% for each trial level above 8, giving for example a factor of 1.1025 for kills in trial level 10. (Foes on trials level 7 and up are level 70; the level of foes on lower trials is ten times the trial level.)

      Experience points are plain numbers, and rounding is used in many of the computation steps alluded to above. For example, with 9 Medals of Knowledge (+22% XP), the first kill an event hero does in The Shores of Hope should give Round(Round(2*1.22)*1.5) = 6 experience points, and that is a way to check that the buff is in effect. (That is how I detected it wasn't when Gold #4 started. Also, that is how I established that the change in the event presentation (from "50% more experience" to "double experience") wasn't paralleled by a change of the buff factor, hence the use of 1.5 and not 2 in the computation.)
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