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Supremely satisfying moment

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    Supremely satisfying moment

    My hero reached level 70 at the moment of finishing Trial 25 and with EXACTY the amount of XP needed.
    What's the odds?

    This is a very good question sir
    can anybody assist Mr sairin?
    Honest playin with Low end Pc
    Bronze ANB Charge-WW Dual Warrior: Trial 138

    New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


      It's actually quite likely: the game throws away all "overshoot" in XP when you hit 70 and need to start getting CL xp. Meaning that if you were e.g. 1 xp away from 70 and you finish the trial boss (which for example could give 150k XP) or you're still 149k XP from 70 when you finish the trial boss, you'd always end at 70 exactly.

      And since trial bosses represent a significant portion of XP on each trial, the chance of you hitting 70 somewhere during the xp of "the boss part of the trial" instead of elsewhere in the trial is indeed pretty realistic.

      It's good to take this into account during ANBs, might cost you a couple hundred k xp if you're unaware.


        Given that I typically hit level 70 with somewhere between 2-4 CLs (just barely over the break even point for level 70), I would say that the odds are fairly high that you could finish a trial with just enough XP to complete level 70 without generating any CLs, especially if you are not using any XP boosters. However, if by "exactly" the OP means ending up with level 70 and absolutely zero XPs toward the first CL, then the odds would be astronomically low; sort of like the odds of being attacked by a tiger in the middle of Times Square in New York City.


          It happened to me twice or thrice in ANBs. Once I took this screenshot just after reaching 70:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Reaching 70, 1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	193.5 KB ID:	181170

          As you can see I have "0/99.7K XP" but the XP required to reach the first CL is 50K... So what is this "99.7K"? Weird answer: it is the amount of XP needed to go from CL 69 to CL 70.

          After a restart, it went back to normal:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Reaching 70, 2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	194.4 KB ID:	181171

          I guess I have to avoid going to Times Square...
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            Darn right! With that kind of luck anything can happen...

            I guess it is not as rare of an event as I first thought. : )

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            Yes, I think UmbraDei explanation is spot on.