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Viability of tank builds

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    Viability of tank builds

    Inspired by the other thread, I would like to address (roll credits!) viability of tank builds. Since ranking is based on trial progression and the faster the better rule, right now the best approach with any builds is basically "the most dps output possible with the least amount of endurance I can get away with". Tank builds are at disadvantage, because any increase in endurance beyond necessary in expense of dps makes your build worse.
    It would be cool to see a viable based on deflection, "thorns", or set that, say, accumulates received damage and allows the player to release it in a burst with some multiplier.

    What do you think?
    The life/health bar is pretty useless for gauging mob size. everything is OK OK OK oops, you are almost dead. Why in the world is there no motion at all until it is too late. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, since I have seen no mention of this as an issue. And, it's bothered me since the first week I played. Am I the

    Nice discussion
    thank you
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      Everything is possible if they set out to code it properly.
      Meta limitations are temporary and artificial.

      An avenue for tank builds is to enable competitive dmg output through something other than glass-cannon builds.
      For example sets that stack dmg output increases when healing, taking dmg, deflecting, etc. . .
      Stormcaller goes a bit in that direction but deflect still needs an overhaul.
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