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help for a noob :D

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    ok some more noob questions ;
    - i farm lvl75 rift i have full craft stuff but 0 set part because never sold for gold for now, nothing better to do to get stuff ?
    - When season end what will i keep ? (for the next season), do i keep my skill slot unlock?
    - What the point fo doing higher trial ? i already have quite all time 3 leg, exept more exp is there any interest?
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      palmi If I understood correctly your first question - legendary set items start to drop at trial 80, but the drops are still horrible, I mean mostly with unuseful stats. However, even with those drops you can make a complete set which will have its bonuses and appear stronger than non-set items. You can get better gear with desired stats by crafting, just visit Ingrid. You need a lot of essences, gold, and other materials to do the crafts, and many craft attempts to get higher level item.

      When the season ends, your season's gems bank and gold bank will be transferred to your account, also leaderboard will disappear until next season starts. Everything else in your account and your heroes will remain unchanged. If you placed on leaderboard high enough, you will get medals as rewards shortly after.

      Pushing trials means moving higher and higher on the leaderboard to get the best rank you can, generally the higher trial you complete the better. In ANB event there are nice rewards (like resources, boosters, CT, glory) for beating certain trials and medals for your rank at the end (Top 250/100/50/25/10/5). Outside ANB - it means in the season period which is currently coming to the end - it looks similarly.

      Edit: If you did not sell your drop items, very good, keep salvaging the ones you do not need as you need materials for crafting.
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