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How’s all my friends doing this anb bronze

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    How’s all my friends doing this anb bronze

    Haha i stole the topic from exorcist cause he did not create it yet haha
    so. Im lvl 70 took me 23 minute. Ive bought a leg crate as i hit 70. Trying lily defender but focus on DT Just a test for me
    TL 75 done CL323

    i took my ephemeral jewelry for exp this time instead of taking them for push
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    Turgeon Thanks for starting the thread. I am testing out a new ANB challenge this time around based on a Fury Warrior strategy started by Nhat, which completed TL110 in the Gold ANB with a Fire Lily Fury Warrior using only epic-box gear. I am thinking about calling it the Purple Armor Challenge. The goal is to see how far you can progress into the ANB event using only the 6 pieces of level 70 Epic armor that you craft from the e-box rewards. The rest of your gear can be legendary and can even be CTed, but your 6 pieces of set gear armor can only be level 70 Epics. Just run the event until you think you have maxed out and post your highest trial performance on the forum. After that you can switch over to whatever gear build that you want to use for the event push.

    I am running two heroes in another head-to-head challenge. After one hour, the Warrior has a slight edge in CLs and generally feels stronger in running TL80. He fastest time on TL80 is 1:08 versus 1:40 for the BH. Instead of my usual hybrid Demo build, I decided to run the full 6 piece set of Demolitionist gear against the full 6 piece Fury build for this event. After tweaking my level up strategy both heroes leveled up to level 70 in under 30 minutes [Aragorn in just over 28 minutes, and Artemis in just under 20 minutes, which is a new personal best]. I have used 200% XP boosters and XP on all gear throughout the event thus far, so my CL levels are considerably higher in this event than the same time in the last Gold ANB.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Aragorn 1 hr.JPG Views:	120 Size:	98.0 KB ID:	193949Click image for larger version  Name:	Artemis 1hr.JPG Views:	116 Size:	94.7 KB ID:	193950

    I have spent about 2k gems to open slots, purchase materials, and craft XP jewelry, but that is lower than what I spent in the past two ANBs since I did not buy the Legendary Crafter's Crate for this event. Thus far it is nice to see that I can run XP farming without upgrading to all Legendary gear, though it will be several days before I find out if the early advantage in CLs will pan out in the end.
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    • Nhat
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      Minor correction: cleared TL110

    • Ozymandius
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      Nhat Thanks for updating, I corrected the error to TL110. Are you running another Fury Warrior in Bronze event?

    • Nhat
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      I don't know how to play the other classes, lol. Sticking with what works, just got to lvl 50 from clearing Act 1 and running MI while waiting for skills... 40 minutes used, probably start trials now, running low on mats - retesting "every 10 levels" craft, probably will stick to 15...

    My goal is simple in this ANB. Just grab both CT (at the cheapest cost possible) and run as I don't push in bronze since a while now.

    Medals in bronze don't interest me anymore (Mostly fortitude and tenacity unless you do top 50 and I have limited time to play this week)
    Already completed TL90 for the first CT and got lucky to craft a lvl76 Ill Will.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ANBbronze.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.0 KB ID:	193958Click image for larger version  Name:	ANBbronze2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	125.0 KB ID:	193959
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      Hi mates

      This ANB bronze I am going for an off-meta build: I try to climb the leaderboard just buy playing stormcaller Mage
      I spent only gems on Inventory and ability/team slots. 400 gems on one additionally ability upgreat slot and 500 gems for a Maggie.
      Currently I am really short on gems so i can only affort to buy some 200 exp boosts (at the moment i am below 200 and have to farm some more gems to continue playing )
      I have 6:16 hours playtime left. Got one lvl 77 staff and used a CT on it.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	sperber1.PNG
Views:	446
Size:	226.4 KB
ID:	193978Click image for larger version

Name:	sperber2.PNG
Views:	410
Size:	87.2 KB
ID:	193979
      Currently I do only have exp equippment (but the staff). My skills arent finished aswell. I think I am going to level my char until I reach the 2 hour mark and start pushing above TL 115 at this point. 30min more are planned as usual, because I dont know how effective the Stromcallers Regalia Vestmens Set really is in high Trials.


      • Ozymandius
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        Kudos for pushing the off-meta build!!!

      • kurtcabage
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        awesome @Schmutzus
        good luck with your SCR build

      • Schmutzus
        Schmutzus commented
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        Thx guys

        Romme yes it seems to be capped even in ANB. I thought in ANBs there wasn´t this TL 103 exp border. But I testet it today and apparently it is ...

      Originally posted by Tin Man
      Everyone knows that I struggle with much, much lower trials
      There are some secret builds to help you proceed much much faster:

      1. The critical Lilly.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	lilly.PNG
Views:	441
Size:	186.7 KB
ID:	193998
      Extremely powerfull to boost your damage. But i do only recommend rare Lillys. It does only work with +300% dmg. +500% damage is buggy and does not crit.

      2. Spooky Scary Scelettons:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	lilly2.PNG
Views:	405
Size:	188.9 KB
ID:	193999Click image for larger version

Name:	spookybois.jpg
Views:	394
Size:	70.5 KB
ID:	194000
      Let other´s fight for you, especially when your character is too weak. Your army will clear the Trials in seconds for you. "Spooky scary scelettons send shivers down your spine. Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, seal your doom tonight!"

      And 3. Go for some Off-Meta-builds for some unfair extra push: Ever heared of arcanist Shieldworrior? No? I can tell you why. This build is so overpowered, the makingfun team will instantly ban you for cheating when playing it. Do it secretly for best hidden results.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	lilly3.PNG
Views:	403
Size:	151.2 KB
ID:	194001
      It is so overpowered strong, that even Ingrid the Blacksmith is forbidding us to craft it
      Click image for larger version

Name:	lilly4.PNG
Views:	396
Size:	84.9 KB
ID:	194002

      Good luck completeing TL2 with those secret information

      Ps: For new Players: This post is just satire and just made for entertainment purposes. Do NOT follow those instructions


        As classic as It can be. Spend minimum. Get 2 x CT
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        • Ozymandius
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          Wolf86PL Let me know how high you finish with the level 70 Epics. I am running Fury Warrior and a Demo BH using only epic set gear in this event. Right now, the Fury Warrior looks like a clear winner in that contest.

        • Wolf86PL
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          ATM farming tl90. Cooking skills. Slowly will change epic. Step by step. Depends on drops

        Bronze is over for me as I just completed trial 110 for the last CT with minimal costs.

        Will probably spend the rest of my timer grinding materials and see if I can craft something useful for my main and make use of those CT.

        Good luck everyone.


          . . .wondering about this update in the middle of ANB.
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          • CarnivorousDeathParrot.2
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            I received 1.5.35 on Android.
            It still throws two "Marmalade" error messages when initializing.

          • Travis | Support Mgr.
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            1.5.35 fixed a just rendering issue on Windows and a missing button in the vault (for all platforms).

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Unbenannt.PNG Views:	0 Size:	227.9 KB ID:	194093
          Feels bad man. I created today this bracer on my mage. Got Frostbeam damage on a 77 bracer once, and its just crappy 426% . I still used a CT on it and rerolled Nature damage to frost damage, althought i can´t use this Item on my Stormcaller mage this ANB... Donno what happened, actually it wasn´t supposed to become a 77 item, i am running an excel sheet and there had to be atleast about 5 trys until a new 77 could happen. But i take what i get
          My pushgear and skills are quite rdy for the final push. I got about 3 hours left and a CL of 1960 now. Can´t afford to buy any exp boosts atm, used gems for rerolls ... I think I will continue grinding some exp until I reach the 2 hour border and start pushing at that point. Maybe I can reach reach CL 1970-1980 this ANB, lets see

          Click image for larger version  Name:	sperber1.PNG Views:	0 Size:	263.9 KB ID:	194094
          This is my exp equipment. Got lucky and dropped an aditional Eradius Staff lvl 77 with exp bonus during a TL 105 run.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	sperber2.PNG Views:	0 Size:	86.0 KB ID:	194095Click image for larger version  Name:	sperber3.PNG Views:	0 Size:	152.0 KB ID:	194096
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            Turgeon!! nice posting indeed
            me? a bit busy with worldly matters i'm afraid
            now hv time to play but not enough gems to open the 2nd slot thus hard to upgrade the Synergies (Just mere level 62)
            lemme see where am i now ehh

            well i kind of like The DT SB WW (without BattleRage) combination. BOM just an epic (Shield Slam -at the moment). Not bad
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            Honest playin with Low end Pc

            New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


            • Turgeon
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              Good to have you inboard exorcist.

            • Ozymandius
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              +1 Hope all is well. Glad to have you back in action.

            I had few gems when the Bronze ANB kicked off, so I went in with modest goals: get both CTs, craft two things worth preserving. I had to pass on the third upgrade slot, so this Warrior (Killemall) will probably not be a keeper. Anyway, I got my CTs, so I'm spending the remaining six hours scrounging and crafting. Might make a little push in the last hour.


            • Snoopy
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              I save my ANB hero to finish story mode for the gems, then delete to make room for next ANB hero. Mindless farming!

            • MightyPen
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              Roger that, Snoopy, but I have two novice heroes for farming already. The gold-digger gear gets handed down to the new kid whenever an older hero maxes out their Synergy. Killemall (pronounced Kill 'em All, of course) doesn't bring much to the party, and I'm running out of slots.

            No contest. This is the first ANB head-to-head challenge that has not been too close to call at this point. The challenge was already over at the two hour mark (see progress below), though I didn't really know it yet.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Aragorn 2hr.JPG
Views:	346
Size:	99.8 KB
ID:	194135Click image for larger version

Name:	Artemis 2hr.JPG
Views:	284
Size:	96.8 KB
ID:	194136

            For running level 70 e-boxes with no crafting of armor, the challenge is completely one sided in favor of the Fury Warrior. There is a slight edge in weapon damage, but the major advantage is that the full Fury set gives you two extra procs of Charge and Leap. The Demo BH gets almost all of its damage from Sticky Bombs with only about 20% from Magnetic Trap and that is with a 494% MT booster on the BoM. There isn't any way to make up the difference in damage from the two extra attacks on the Fury Warrior. In the past, I have ditched Fire Lily on the BH and switched over to a CR/CD build, but I will play out the e-box gear challenge for now and hope to craft better weapons. Next event, I will try crafting the e-boxes into CR/CD instead of Power/Haste Fire Lily build to see if that can even the score a bit.

            At around the 3 hour mark the Fury Warrior has 1309 CLs and easily completed TL90 in 57 seconds, though I don't have anything worthy of the CT yet after crafting 17 legendary pieces. The Demo BH is over 3 hours with 1183 CLs and so far has only managed to complete TL85 in 1:58 with no keeper pieces in 20 crafts. The level 76 ToP was sort of a wasted craft, since I only use Fire Lily during ANB events. I am really feeling the slow down in material drops this event because I chose not to buy the Legendary Crafter's Crate in either account, and I don't have the power to run higher trials for XP farming right now.

            I plan to push higher with the Warrior to see how high I can get. Nhat set the bar with TL110 in Gold ANB, so I have my work cut out for me...


              Going well for me - I went with a lily build all the way, upgrading gear as I go. Spent 300 gems for crates, 400 for an upgrade slot, bought two healers and a ton of xp boosters. Xp farming was a breeze - in the end I had 650k damage and toughness, which was enough for 110 around 1minute (49 sec at best)!

              Push gear is awesome and has a ton of damage until 150. I expect 153 to be the first big challenge, but still have 3 hours to work on that : )
              Mage: Anba


                did 45 min gold farm for 11 milliong
                started xp yesterday. Now CL 1100. With 9h46 still on the clock
                first time trying defender lily. Seem pretty good for farming.
                farming lvl 100 in avrge 1:40
                on leaderboard i jad a vry nice rank 666. The evil number
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                  2 hours mark, farming TL 90 in around 2 minutes...
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20210313_002537.jpg
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Size:	136.1 KB
ID:	194172Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210313-002105_Eternium.jpg
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Size:	130.0 KB
ID:	194173

                  Took me an hour to get to level 70, without boosters. Activated the free +100% exp & +200% gold boosters - crafted bracer & Rare Exp/Gold (2 exp, 1 gold) jewelries, then replace as I got the Emphemeral boxes and took another hour to get here...

                  Was crafting every 10 levels, ended up buying a 2nd Expert Crate (100 Gems), will stick to every 15 levels next time since there wasn't much improvements...
                  Eternium Files - links and details - 04 February 2021 - v1.5.3x changes: Ability Rate formula changed to: AR / ( 2xAR + 1500 )

                  Eternium Guides:


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                    Nhat looking forward to your next update. I just finished hour 4, and my Fury Warrior is still going strong at TL105.