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BoM values rolled are linked to item rarity, not level

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    BoM values rolled are linked to item rarity, not level

    While doing some BoM crafting I noticed something interesting: the values I rolled from my lvl1 Greens all seemed awfully low...

    This sparked a very interesting investigation:


    I crafted 1008 BoMs, split in 6 rounds of 168 crafts each (=3 inventories), and recorded for each BoM the value it rolled compared to the full range that ability can roll.
    The rounds done were:
    1. Lvl 1 Uncommons (green)
    2. Lvl 1 Legendaries (orange)
    3. Lvl 71 Uncommons
    4. Lvl 71 Rares (blue)
    5. Lvl 71 Epics (purple)
    6. Lvl 71 Legendaries

    Each roll was recorded versus max value. So for e.g. Arcane Bolts, the range 56% to 70% was converted to 80-100, and same thing for for example Frost Nova where the range 800% to 1000% was divided by 10.


    The results speak for themselves on the below graph:

    Turns out that crafting a lvl 1 or lvl 71 doesn't matter.

    However, each rarity tier rolls in a different section of the max ability value:
    • Uncommons roll 81.0-85.0% of max value
    • Rares roll 82.5-90.0% of max value
    • Epics roll 83.8-95.0% of max value
    • Legendaries roll 85.0-100% of max value

    Hope this helps someone, especially the players running full green or blue outfits
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    Another great job!

    Edit: Looking at the min-max value for each rarity, I think the formula for the range is

    80% + n × 1,25%   —   80% + n × 5%

    with n ranging from 1 to 4 from uncommon to legendary. The lower limit could be due to the optimizer perk at 25%.
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      Amazing work! Thanks to you both for sharing your findings.


        Thank you for another useful information!


          Yeah thnk you very nice to know


            UmbraDei Just do you (and others that perform similar tests) farm mats? I farm trial 105 with a SW warrior and it takes me about a minute and a half. Didn't know if there was some other method/ location that was better. It would take me ages to farm enough mats to do a test like this
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            • Romme
              Romme commented
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              Just practice, you'll get better. Movement comes from charge and leaps too.

            • kurtcabage
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              romme is alien among the alien

            • Chairmannone
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              I have tried and tested a new set of gear XP / material farming. I am now able to farm TL115 under 90 seconds on mobile. Can save another 10 seconds on PC. It is basically a DW 4 Fury 2 Warlord BoWS setup. Have made some investment on gears (5 x 77, 3 x76, 4 x75, a 73 BoM).

              Movement speed isn't that important here. As Romme point out, warriors move around by charging and leaping, not walking.