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How's our dear friends gold Anb progress?

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    Cleared TL 110, finished at CL 1626 after 4 hours & 40 minutes, net Gems spent 2,056 (crafted jewelries every 10 levels, pushed abilities to level 5 & socketting gears)

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        Well, assuming the lb from 15 minutes after the event ended is official... I finished #25 exactly! First red medal! (I hope)
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          Gratz on your top 25 Splendor and to everyone.....My trial 142 was good enough to stay in top 50 several hours after the event I'm #48.
          Cool...My highest ranking in gold with a mage if I remember..

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            Thanks! Same to you! Very nice result.

          • Turgeon
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            Good job to both of you.

          Still 1h34 min left on the cloclk Ive star pushing with more 5hen 2 hour. But miss real timelife to used it. Only had 40 min to push so i manage to get to 129 just a bit too bad for top 100
          but for a event without buying any booster or mat crate. With less thenn500 gems spent im. Satisfied
          i bring back to my main a snipe bom lvl 76
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            Well done to all.. Also satisfied in this ANB, considering that I didn't unlocked the third ability upgrade slot that only made me 137 synergy, 4.5k gems spent and going back to less than 2k in the next bronze. Fell a trial short with my previous ANBs since I only have 1hr 30mins in the final push.
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              So, leaving me 3 rank behind...hahaha. Good job Benedicto.

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              I read your post first then I saw my ranking in the pic because I didn't checked in-game yet hehe.. Congrats to you too.

            In spite of a busy week, I managed to play each of my heroes about 3 hours, which was enough to complete Trial 110 for another couple of CTs. Once again, I followed the Nhat purple challenge playbook and ran only the level 70 e-box Fury gear for armor with Fire Lily and Talisman of Power. If you don't have a lot of time or gems to invest, it is a fairly manageable way to pick up the two CTs and to grind some XP to carry back to your main account.

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            I was rather unlucky with crafting this event, though Swann did manage a level 76 weapon which pretty much made the difference between these two heroes. Since I wasn't crafting any armor, I crafted a lot of weapons, but I never crafted a legendary WW Axe that could match the level 76 epic that I crafted when I hit level 70. I have enjoyed running the Fury Warrior for the past several events, but I think it is time to get back to my roots and play BH in the next ANB series.


              I hit my secondary goal of TL120. But once again failed in my primary objective of getting 2 77 gear. I wasted too much resourses trying tor Legendary Frost Beam BoM. I think I crafted 20-25 BoM before getting a 71 frost beam BoM. I used my 2nd CT on a 75 robe during the waning hours. That gave me the wee boost I need to beat TL115 in under 3:30.

              The next ANB, I'm gonna prioritize getting level 77 gear instead BoM. I've got a page full of CT's and not enough 77 gear to use them on. I made one mage to be my forever mage and all my 77 mage gear is CT'd for that toon. I've got a forever Warrior with all with a few celestial gear.