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    Dropped From Season Event

    I just noticed that my main character, Dredd, is no longer ranked in the current Season Event. I had reached level 153, I think, or maybe 152, but definitely up there. My highest level ever after many attempts. I don’t know if it’s related but I only recently (the past week) started playing pvp with this character. I play on an iPad 5th gen.

    I know there is still time in the event but it’s disheartening and, like I said, after many attempts I got my highest level and we all know that a lot of luck is involved in beating high trials. Also, who’s to say it won’t happen again.

    edit: Forgot to mention, Dredd is warrior class.
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    Because of some players that exploited some bugs in the game and allowed them to clear incredibly high trials, the season leaderboards were reset for everyone.

    Everyone has to rank again. Yes, everyone reaching their highest ranking requires a lot of things to happen simultaneously.

    Good luck.


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      Ah, the rotten apples strike again. Thanks for info.

      And good luck to you too.