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Does the game favour paying players?

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  • Stusmith50
    It does not favour paying players. Look up posts by Lodwig and UmbraDei to see how it works.

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  • Jude Smith
    started a topic Does the game favour paying players?

    Does the game favour paying players?

    Does the game favour paying players while crafting gear?

    I've been looking at the leaderboards this anb and noticed the top players don't generally have gear any less than level 75.
    Either they are very lucky, buy lots of gems to buy lots of crafting boxes, or the game favours them because they have spent some real cash.

    I myself have never spent a penny on this game and my crafting luck seems poor even though it's been maxed out since not long after crafting first came into the game.
    I managed to make my full push set and got 2 level 75s the rest were max 74 mostly 72s though. I had enough left over to better my weapons and from 6 attempts I got 71, 71, 71, 72, 73, 71 then ran out of materials and gold and gems. That doesn't feel like a 50% chance to gain another level.

    I also noticed while making my epic levelling gear I got all 71s. The lesser gear seems to have a lesser chance to level up in my experience. Why would this be?