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The mini map is too small

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    The mini map is too small

    Can’t see anything. Can you make it a bit larger or have a setting to allow user to pick a larger one.

    Click on your minimap, zoom in, exit minimap, now your minimap is zoomed in. Can't have it much bigger since we have limited space as it is...


      It is a "minimap".


      • Romme
        Romme commented
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      I know it’s mini, but feel it’s too small… I was experimenting on fighting through a level by only looking at mini map.


        Forgive me for posting here:

        I have one small problem: maybe I'm still not used to it ( well just new with this mobile thing I'm afraid):

        1. My pone is cute and small 2. The screen is more smaller than the pone
        Wat"s the problem?

        Sometime It's kind of hard to press the health potions etc Press press press nothin happen.

        It would be nice in the future if we have a bigger potions button for the benefit of mobile users (especially the smaller pone type)
        Thank you

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        • Benedicto
          Benedicto commented
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          Since they reduced the size of potion and apple icons, I thought it's a way of discrimination to players with huge hands thus large fingers lol. Before the size reduction mobile players can still prevent an instant death by just tapping the icons, but now we must run first before drawing the symbols, and if you're unlucky to tap an enemy to the direction you want to run, viola! Your mob phase is ruined.

        • laffcarl
          laffcarl commented
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          Be nice to be able to resize and move all the icons, this would solve any gripes ;-)

        • Heikki Gross
          Heikki Gross commented
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          Seems like someone didnt pay attention to the game sign drawing tutorial in the beginning.

        Move resize or delete any or all of the icons in your way on the screen seems a reasonable request, which enables you to be able to see or cast into areas you can't see at the moment as they are full of icons :|


          I only know the screen-drawing way. Is there another way? I’m going to figure that out. ?


            Screen drawing is only way on mobile. Mouse and keyboarding are alternatives for computers. Both options are available on some computers.