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Your thoughts on the "new" World/Act 2?

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    Your thoughts on the "new" World/Act 2?

    My own first impressions:

    -Love the look - much more sophisticated and complex than before.

    -Love: the "Stones and Bones" and "Scent of Home" have been transformed from "extremely boring - must wait until the last enemy has been spawned" to "real stories".

    -Not sure about the impact of the new layouts on Daily Quests and 5Star Runs: I suspect that some stories may take longer to run even when you have come to know them well - might become a bit of a drag.

    -Neutral: several stories appear to have acquired "Key Masters" as in Dragon's Crag.

    -Minor gripe: Del's Tears don't actually get "collected", only the blue rings around them disappear.

    -Major gripe: the Mini Maps seem to be still (at most) in Alpha; in some cases, tapping on them will lead to black maps until you zoom out, and the "River of Blood" map is completely broken, worse than my previous "favorite", "The High Road" (maybe not: I just had my Mage run the RoB again to take a screenshot - everything was fine.).

    -Very minor gripe: the map showing the whole world hasn't (yet?) been updated - most noticeable in "Stones and Bones" and "Scent of Home".
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    "The Temple" remake will take some getting used to,... I got lost once or twice. Seems the level design blocks the view of the action at times in the new maps.
    The new home village, and the player models especially, are quite nice.
    Only had time to run 2 daily maps so far, I look forward to exploring more.


    • Medamanaman
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      Agree; for a Mage, the Temple used to be quite goid for Farming - just run along the centre line (avoiding the circle near the end), with three shatters - took about thirty seconds.

    I like the fact that merlocks are abundant, like to do the daily task when I can get gems for completing level at the same time. And this helps alot !


      New map layout in act II, Going with the Flow, is wonderfull. Thanks guys, keep up the great work


        IMHO, using mage in clearing Act II might not be feasible anymore, as it consumes more time and most of the new maps were as wide as Dragon's Crag and The Underworld, I really enjoyed mage as my favorite class in gem farming, but with this change, it's time to use warrior..


          This is my first post as I have just joined the Forum, but I have been playing Eternium for awhile now. This is my second ANB and I had hoped to use what I have learned to actually have a chance to complete this ANB with some meaningful results (actually completing higher trial levels, earning some celestials, the things one aims for when taking on an ANB event). The revamping of some levels adds quite a challenge with the event timer running but I accept that. I have had several instances, however, of getting stuck in the geometry of the game and losing time trying to get unstuck, to the point where the only solution is to end the level (abandon the fight for now) and start over. In some cases, opening a portal home and re-entering solves the problem, unless the portal opens just far enough away that it can’t be reached by my struggling character, forcing me to end the level. I don’t mind losing time if it is the result of my own inept gameplay, like not knowing how to move to avoid the attacks of the major bosses. I have put huge amounts of time and resources into learning as much as I can to have a chance to actually make a decent showing in an ANB. I have read posts, watched videos, listened to the advice of players far better than I will ever be regarding gear and gameplay, mastered crafting (tap the green button, tap the forge, tap “tap to continue” ad nauseum), earned and allocated CPs, completed all the quests, etc. etc. etc.. It is great fun to meet the challenges of Eternium when you see the results of properly crafted gear, attacks and abilities, wisely allocated CPs, work together to make a character feel that the ANB time is actually ticking away in exchange for progress. But to survive an ambush that never happens, losing time wondering and trying to trigger it to no avail, to lose time stuck in the geometry of newly-rendered levels that perhaps should still be in beta, things like that bring a deep despair and concern that even a chance at victory is being snatched away by circumstances beyond the control and remedy of the player. I don’t mind a challenging fight, but it should be a fair one. Months of time and resources should not count for nothing because of ANB time ticking away restarting the same level over to unstick oneself from buggy game geometry. This is my first post and it will be my last. I would rather have shared some things I have learned while having great fun playing Eternium these past months, and it has been great fun. I love Eternium, but sometimes it breaks my heart. I guess that’s what real love is. Have at me and Fare Well!


          • Nhat
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            Having mentioned "I have put huge amounts of time and resources into learning as much as I can", I still believe that you've MISSED the entire gameplay process for ANB. Most experienced players don't even complete Act 1 during ANB... get to level 10, move to Trials and stay there... Maybe once you've reached a peak with your Exp gear, you can move back and clear Act 1 to get all the free companions - if you're not spending Gems to buy them.

            Do the Story map quests and all that with your NORMAL char... NOT ANB.

            Anyway, I wish you well, if you want a guide of the "ANB Path", please see my post:
            - Just look at the "Know your Path" section, to get a cleared guideline of how to run ANB

          • Teebs
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            Medamanaman , love your commitment to running DC! I don't share it at all, but I totally appreciate the rationale of breaking up the monotony of JUST running Trials and SM!

            Tolimar , it took me a couple or so ANB's before I was able to get the CT's and push for Glory - because, well ... I am a crappy player!

            But - I like the game and plod along and learn some strategies which help me through the process to actually earn those CT's and a bit of extra Glory.

            I would urge you to follow Nhat 's guidance - doing Story levels in ANB is a giant time-suck - especially if you are starting out. The strategy of running to DC isn't one adopted by many players ... and I wouldn't suggest it if you are struggling to meet your personal goals.

            ... KTB

          • WarriorSeven
            WarriorSeven commented
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            My first post, but not my last (Hi, everyone!) -- and I have to agree with RockDoc, Tolimar. I too have only been at this a short while (a few weeks), and maybe like you, lo and behold, we find ourselves immersed in our first Season and ANB events at the same time. Mind boggling for a noob, for sure! And I too have had to consult the countless helpful posts, videos, joined the Discord, etc., etc. -- only to discover that there's still much to learn (What's that saying?: "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know."). But at least for me, I quickly realized no one should expect to be an expert at the get-go in a fairly complex game like this.

            I believe there's a certain level of patience and tolerance we should expect from ourselves in any game designed by humans: nothing is perfect. Fortunately for all of us here, it appears (at least to me) the Developers are constantly trying to improve the game, as evidenced by the sheer number of upgrade levels to this software. So, for the game mechanics, change here is dynamic, inevitable, and expected -- and on occasion, some glitches will appear ... c'est la vie. Part of the challenge and fun, then, is adapt to these changes and short-term hiccups that hopefully will be fixed. All important in keeping the playtime frome becoming stale.

            Even I wasn't quite sure at first whether to participate in the ANB, especially, since I was woefully low on resources and gameplay savvy to maximize the potential rewards and benefits most of the expert/experienced gamers here seem to do in their sleep (I'm freakin' impressed, BTW, by the many of you that have this game down as if it was second nature!). Unlike Tolmar, I did NOT have high expectations for my first shot at this. However, I certainly wanted to learn from my experience, inept as I am even at this early stage. And the only good way to do that was to participate. I've jumped right in both events with the minimal knowledge and resources I have to start with. And you know what, it has been a great experience -- and fun! If that's not your experience here, in general, I believe you shouldn't waste your time with Eternium; you will become frustrated, and you can certainly find another game or avenue of play or enjoyment that will fit your mental makeup. Otherwise -- dive right in and savor all the challenges that are coming our way!

          Bugs. Cant complete 29. The Temple. Getting stuck in the bridge area.


            I five starred act 2 during alpha, all maps can be completed, just much different from the old act 2


              Meh. . .

              Why all the random ursoks and minotaurs before Act IV?
              They show up even in the Elderath ambush map.

              There's also several places where it's easy to get stuck.
              Watch out.
              Theoretical Modding
              (because tweaking numbers won't be enough)


                I don't think they fit in the game.
                As part of the ANB series I'd go to act IV in bronze and silver. I don't think I'll do that after playing act 2 - they take too long to complete.

                As part of 5 starring for gems, they are too long and uneventful and offer scant rewards for the time invested.

                As a stand alone game, the new levels are not bad, but take too long to complete and offer no challenge, so become boring fast. I'll add act 2 to my list of 'don't 5* levels '. It might even stop me completing Heroic 5* before deleting a toon.

                I don't like playing the new levels on a phone - there's too many 'bad taps' and U-turns, it's difficult to control the toon due to the precision needed.


                • Benedicto
                  Benedicto commented
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                  Act 2 can be now added to the list of "for daily quests only" maps, like Dragon's Crag, its a relief that Scent of Home is not included in the daily quest pool. Some of the new maps isn't linear anymore, some are dead-ends and not really important to the path you must go.

                omg "Stairway to Levania" is gorgeous. Nicely done shaders, dynamic lighting,...sweetness.


                  As a story mode lover my heart is at ease with this new update. If I have to vote:

                  I give 11 out of 10. Have to used second hand also. To showhow much I appreciate it.
                  Thank you
                  ANB Silver #15 Mage Trial 131
                  ANB Silver #16 BH Trial 143
                  PURIST Mobile user


                    11 out of 10! Sounds like you need to use your toes in addition to second hand. Unless you have 6 fingers like the prince's henchman from Princess Bride?


                      Lipstick on a pig. Even worse is that the lipstick poisoned the pig and killed it. There is no value added to the changes and many negative changes. You can no longer see the treasure chest on 4.45 for example except in the mini-map. You are forced to navigate with the mini-map for many reasons now since so much is otherwise hidden from view. Relying on the mini-map for Act II does not work well since the maps have many areas that look like you can navigate over but can't.

                      Act II hurts the game far more than it helps.


                        Cant believe the balancing in the arena got even worse. Only 2 bounty hunters in top 50. Is there no plan to get this even out a bit? Seems BH has no lobby in the programers team, which puts up the question why...