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Your thoughts on the "new" World/Act 2?

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    Some of my thoughts on the new Act 2:
    • I love that you don't have to wait around for enemies to spawn in Stones and Bones and The Scent of Home anymore
    • I'm not a fan of the garish new colors and the horns on treasure chests are ridiculous, imho. But that's just a matter of taste.
    • Yes, those maps don't really mesh with the other acts. Maybe there are plans to rework Acts 1, 3, and 4 as well?
    • As others have pointed out, plenty of new opportunities to get irretrievably stuck
    • Those marmalade memory errors and random crashes are much worse than before. That really sucks!
    • Those texts boxes that pop up all the time obscure the view and make it much harder to figure out where to go. An option to turn them off completely would be great!
    • Five starring those maps to farm gems is certainly still possible. It takes longer than before and you gain experience somewhat more rapidly, but we'll all learn to live with that...

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      Maybe I'm alone in this, but I kind of preferred the older level designs where most were like a clever puzzle you could solve that unlocked a super shortcut once you figured things out.

      Many of these new ones feel, to me, like a chaotic sprawl. Maybe it's more realistic, but I don't enjoy them as much. Then, the more ornate details, while pretty, compound the problem of finding chests and mission targets. The chests are much harder to see now, especially in the darker levels, and I have to keep glancing at the mini-map to make sure I didn't miss any, which is a bit annoying as it disrupts immersion and play flow.

      I also consider it a matter of poor level design when your character is allowed to venture into areas where they can become stuck and have a hard time extracting themselves. Again, maybe this was done on purpose to increase realism, but it doesn't make the game more enjoyable, at least for me.


      • Zojo
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        I very much agree with your comments here - especially your first paragraph. Running a warrior in Act 2 used to be quite a bit of fun given the leap shortcuts for faster post-ANB gem farming ... which are now, well, pretty much worthless with the new sprawling maps.

      • Kristoff
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        Not to mention that many of the new levels no longer match the mini renderings of them on the world map. I always thought that those were a nice touch.

        I think the devs' time would have been better spent on adding new content rather than polishing what was already there. All this new artwork would have been perfect for levels on a fifth world.

        I don't think that I'd mind the level sprawl so much if exploration was the main point of the game, or if you got cool rewards for it, but when all you're supposed to do is grind out the same levels over and over again, making them bigger is just sheer torture.

        It's like they decided to take Kara's Underworld and make all the revamped levels the same size. I'll admit that Kara's is a cool design, but it becomes hell when you have to run it for the umpteenth time.

      • Zojo
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        ^ Truth.

      The clinical orderliness some of those levels had made them look extremely creepy - in line with the chapter narratives.
      Now there's just too much random clutter.
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        The rain is cool thou. . .

      • Kristoff
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        Didn't even notice the rain because I have weather effects turned off to improve performance.

      My 2 cents.
      love the new chest design and the fact that carried to al acts is nice.
      love the the way they look.
      Love the increased merlock count will make purge the swamp loads easier.
      I despise the length of the maps the mediocre rewards, the difficulty in navigating them on a mobile device. I now run them once to get past them. If I get a daily in act II I collect as I go.
      the glitches for movement have translated in other acts.
      I just glitched down a pyramid in act III and finished the level in 15 seconds. Which is a record on a mage for that map due to block for the end.
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        OK, first let me apologize for my whiny post on 9/19/21, above. I jumped into that Gold ANB with no clue of what I was or should be doing. It was a comment that someone made that basically asked what was I doing mucking around World 2 during an ANB that got me back to the Forums for research, after actually quitting for 2 days. What saved my whiny hiney is that you can’t delete your last character. But I couldn’t stay away, so in the current Bronze ANB I got my first two CTs and finished through Trial 118.

        So now I will share some thoughts on the revamped World 2, which cost me dearly because of my overreactive hissy fit.

        First, The Temple. The old version was long and complicated, but once you developed a strategy you could clear the entire map np. The new version floored me when I first went in, but it is way easier than it looks and very boring compared to the original unless I am missing something. Just keep moving East, when you can’t, move N or S or even back W until you can move E again. You will very soon get to that disc that you have to take a little hop up to get onto. Then E until you get to the discs that form a triangle or arrowhead, whatever, E to kill the Boss and you’re done. Very fast and unexciting now.

        L. Jungle. Made a mess of my favorite W2 map. Much more cluttered looking now, was more visually appealing before. Like someone had to keep painting over an already finished work. No real gameplay changes so what is the point?

        Seeds of Life. More visually appealing but way less challenging than the original, not that the original was overly difficult.

        I like the attempt to bring a somewhat vertical aspect to some of the maps with the winding ramps and discs. Maybe we will get actual stairs and multilevel maps someday.

        Stones and Bones. I like the revamp because you really get to travel through the map instead of just standing there auto-attacking.

        Going With the Flow. Totally different from the original, but not really better or worse.

        My overall impression is that the revamp suffers from the CGI disease affecting a lot of new movies, namely that because we have thousands of visual effects available, we can and must use them all. Like a salad with too many ingredients. Or going to the buffet and having to eat some of everything. Or using too many Pantry ingredients which will surely get you Chopped! Sorry for all the food metaphors, but when you’re on a roll…

        I would like to see some new content, rather than revamping the old. Worlds 5-8, with World 8 “Ragadam’s Demise”, followed by World 9 “Ragadam Returns”. Etc…etc…etc.

        Remember, Eternium never ends, but it can get stuck in some loops of mind-numbing repetition. I see that it is 8:08 PM, time for daily quests… Have fun and be well, y’all!


          I would like to see some new content, rather than revamping the old. Worlds 5-8, with World 8 “Ragadam’s Demise”, followed by World 9 “Ragadam Returns”. Etc…etc…etc.
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